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Below is a selection of reference projects that were designed and executed with Planbar. Discover complex precast projects that have been successfully implemented with Planbar, and read how engineering companies have successfully overcome their design challenges.



Architectural freedom combined with engineering to create art

The “Identity” building complex in Rennes, France

The EuroRennes business district is currently being built near the new main train station in Rennes. The unusual “Identity 2” building houses offices, stores, and a cinema.
The Challenge: The architectural firm Blanchard Marsault Pondevie designed “Identity” as a crystal geode formed by three interconnected rock sections. One of the special features of “Identity 2” are the inclined walls, which give the building a unique appearance.
The Solution: SPL, the precast manufacturer, overcame the challenging design and production of the total 800m² of sloped precast walls thanks to efficient modeling with Planbar. With the help of automated workflows, SPL was able to deliver all the precast elements to the highest quality standards, as well as on time. 

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Innovative noise protection made from precast elements

The Great Arch, Tauern Highway in Eben, Austria

A particularly innovative solution has been developed by the Leube company in the form of a curved noise barrier made of precast concrete elements that span the highway like a large arch.
The Challenge: During the planning phase, the arch shape, the enormous dimensions of the individual components, and, in particular, the structural requirements placed the highest demands on the company’s precast design team.
The Solution: Planbar enabled the precise modeling and design of the precast concrete elements and supported the creation of the assembly and production plans with well thought-out workflows.

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A high-rise blossoms thanks to precast

The Aglaya Garden Tower in Risch-Rotkreuz (Canton Zug), Switzerland

The Zug Estates Group transformed the former Suurstoffi industrial area into a modern living space with a focus on sustainability. An impressive example of sustainable construction is the Aglaya garden tower.
The Challenge: The facade of the high-rise building attracts attention with its unique vertical garden. The secret behind it is the large plant troughs made of prefabricated concrete elements that also form the facade.
The Solution: The Nägele company was responsible for the troughs and all precast elements of the garden tower. By using Planbar, the company managed to save approx. 206 man-hours through automated processes such as the creation of shop drawings and 1-click reinforcement.

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Stadium built in record time with precast elements

The Allianz Stadion in Vienna, Austria

Built in record time, the Allianz Stadion in Vienna – home of the Austrian cult club Rapid Wien – is a showcase project for modern precast construction. The use of precast concrete elements played a decisive role in ensuring that the tight schedule of only 17 months construction time could actually be met.
The Challenge: In addition to the scale of the project, the extremely complex geometry and large number of intersections between the various precast concrete elements also posed a major challenge for the design team.
The Solution: Oberndorfer relied on Planbar for the precast design and detailing of the stadium. Thanks to Planbar, the design team was able to plan stand elements, precast staircases, and other special parts efficiently and precisely.

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Creative precast design

The “Talards” residential complex in St. Malo, France

The “Talards” residential building in St. Malo, France, is a vivid example of how structural matrices can be used to creatively design facades. The building combines architectural freedom with the efficiency of precast concrete elements in an aesthetically pleasing way.
The Challenge: For the “Talards” residential building in Brittany, elastic matrices were used. The alignment of the vertical joints and the structural matrices between levels placed the highest demands on the design team.
The Solution: However, thanks to the numerous automated workflows in Planbar, the team was able to efficiently design their first project with structural matrices. In total, SPL planned and created 490m² of structured precast walls for the residential building without any clashes or errors.

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Tesla relies on precast construction

The Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany

Tesla, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, is building its Gigafactory 4 in Berlin-Brandenburg. Within a record-breaking construction period of just over two years, the Model Y is expected to roll off the production line here as early as the beginning of 2022.
The Challenge: From the very beginning, the design of the Gigafactory 4 was based on precast elements. The 29 staircases of the car factory had numerous identical features, so that nine different types of staircases were identified and planned as precast concrete elements.
The Solution: The company A-Steps GmbH was responsible for the production of the Gigafactory’s prefabricated stairs and landings. Particularly helpful for the design process were the integrated quality control, the easy exchange of 3D data via IFC, as well as the immense time savings thanks to well thought-out automated processes in Planbar.

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BIM in practice on the Rütihof Project

Rütihof industrial park, Switzerland

The Rütihof project is a perfect example of the implementation of the openBIM concept. The business park houses a climbing hall, a bus parking lot and a beverage store on its 14,000m².
The challenge: The design process involving the precast concrete company BFU and the main contractor METHABAU was time-consuming and error-prone.
The solution: Today, data exchange is optimized via IFC. With the help of the IFC Assistant and the MEP Assistant in Planbar, ALLPLAN’s software solution for prefabrication, BFU was able to quickly import the elements into Planbar and generate high-quality production plans and shop drawings.

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Aspern – Vienna’s sustainable district

Stadthaus D10 in Vienna, Austria

Aspern is located on a former airfield and will provide high-quality housing for over 25,000 people as well as 20,000 new workplaces over the next decade.
The challenge: Creating sustainable and livable spaces that enhance the occupants’ quality of life has been a long-time goal for this city, and at the heart of their development strategy.
The solution: A large number of buildings were also built using prefabricated parts built off-site at factories. This has accelerated the build process, reduced waste, improved quality, and minimized disruption to local residents and businesses. Thanks to the efficient design and detialing of precast elements with Planbar, Mischek was able to plan, produce and build the D10 townhouse swiftly and without errors.

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Residential construction in Bratislava relies on prefabrication

Karpatium Rezidence, Slovakia

The Karpatium Rezidence residential complex consists of a total of 145 residential units and was built in Záhorská Bystrica, a dynamically growing residential district in Bratislava, entirely using prefabricated elements.
The challenge:From the very beginning, the project stakeholders relied on BIM, so it quickly became clear that only a 3D solution could be considered for the modelling of the precast elements. 
The solution: Planbar, ALLPLAN's solution for precast design and detailing, significantly reduced the workload of the design team through numerous automated workflows, such as the automated creation of shop drawings or the basic reinforcement. Thanks to Planbar, efficiency in the design and detailing of the precast concrete parts of the Karpatium Rezidence project was significantly increased.


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