Hotfix Allplan 2014-1-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

Quality Reporter now includes additional details about current operating systems.
Hotinfo now includes additional details about current operating systems.
You can now update to the Nvidia GeForce 337.88 driver without any problems.


The program saves drawing file data more consistently.

Workgroup Online: you can use projects that are on a local workgroup server. An online server is not necessary. The only requirement is that the projects have been prepared for online use.

DGN interface: you can import DGN V8 data without any problems.
 CAD-TAI interface: better connection to Nevaris 2.0.
bim+ interface: better security in conjunction with Allplan.

"Area detection" ignores internal connection lines of areas you entered using the "Multi" option.
The system angle set does not change when you open animation windows.
Better "Last Point" option on the shortcut menu for entering points.
Since version 2014-0 you have been able to create fills as construction lines. In order to ensure that this does not happen accidentally, set the "Fills in construction line format" option to "Fills in construction line color" ("Options" - "Display" page). This is now the default setting.

We solved the issue leading to the "Error while reading the user-defined layout attributes...." message.
The new position of dimension text you moved does not change in the layout, regardless of the "Correct text direction" option and rotated layout elements.


Walls, Openings, Components
You can enter the properties of walls and rooms more quickly.
You can move custom smart symbols from earlier versions in the z direction after you have chosen "Select Elements Intersected by Selection Window Only".


You can select your own engineering SmartParts more quickly.