Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-10

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

Setup, Licensing
Allplan 2015-1-10 is approved for Windows 10.

We updated the link that takes you to registration in Allplan Exchange.

Building structure
You can rename drawing files in the building structure quickly and easily.
After having carried out 'Update calculation result' with certain data in the objects derived from building structure, you no longer need to reassign the source drawing files for reports and legends.


We improved the 'Reshape Surface Element, Architectural Area' tool.

Allplan correctly transfers scale-independent text (for example, in legends) to DWG.
We improved DWG export of door SmartParts using exchange favorite 1.
Allplan correctly transfers colors when you export layouts with exploded hatching and patterns to AutoCAD using exchange favorite 3.
Allplan correctly transfers layers assigned to pattern lines, elevation points and texts with borders when you export layouts to AutoCAD using exchange favorite 4.

DGN interface
Point symbols get the correct size when you export complex layouts to DGN.

IFC interface
We improved IFC export of data with smart symbols and associative views.
Allplan correctly transfers openings to IFC even if these openings contain several smart symbols or SmartParts you modified using 'Properties' on the shortcut menu.

Sketchup, Rhino
We improved data export to Sketchup and Rhino.

You can now use certain Xerox printer drivers of the 7800 series in Allplan 2015.
'Transfer Layer Visibility': after having matched the settings of a layout element, you can use the brackets or open a selection rectangle to select a number of layout elements to which you want to apply the settings.
We sped up the definition of layout windows outside the layout sheet.


More attributes are available (water and shipping authorities, MPG template project).
The model always updates quickly, regardless of the data involved.

Walls, Openings, Components
We improved the process of creating spline-shaped linear components along closed curves in conjunction with area detection using additional point and the number of segments set to a great value.
We improved the process of modifying labels and sizes of smart symbols in openings and recesses.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
When creating or modifying rooms and stories, you can select any value for 'Factor'.
Allplan modifies legends correctly even if you select the options for aligning text in quick succession.
Associativity is retained when you congruently copy elements with their associative legend to new drawing files.


Bar Reinforcement
We improved direct modification of bar reinforcement using handles.