Hotfix Allplan 2016-0-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.


Setup and Licensing
Allplan 2016-0-2 is approved for Windows 10.
We improved Allplan auto-update in various places.
We improved Allplan licensing in various places.
License Manager shows the expiration date of licenses limited in time.

Services application
We adjusted the process of backing up uncompressed data from the external path. As a result, you no longer see the message in the output window.

You can now switch off the log window, which may appear in certain cases when running Windows 8.
Allplan starts even if you use certain older graphics cards and graphics drivers.
We eliminated the GUID message that might have appeared when you started Allplan.
We improved data conversion, increasing the maximum for coordinates.
The properties of display favorites use the correct character set.
CTRL+A selects all elements in the area where the cursor or the crosshairs are currently located, including data entry boxes, for example.
You can quickly and easily change layers for visible edges in hidden line images.
We improved the objects palette.
You can quickly and easily move the crosshairs and selection preview on complex 3D elements.
You can transfer the eye point and the target point from an animation window in navigation mode to 3D view.
You can select the RT_Render view type even if you exit a tool by pressing ESC while the cursor is on the viewport toolbar.
We improved import of shortcut keys from saved UBX files including toolbar configurations and shortcut keys.

Open Project
Names of line styles in projects created with project templates appear in the Allplan language defined.
We corrected inconsistencies that might have occurred when the 'Open Project' tool loaded project attributes.
We expanded the number of digits for the offset coordinates of the project offset.

Building structure
After having carried out 'Update calculation result' with certain data in the objects derived from building structure, you no longer need to reassign the source drawing files for reports and legends.
The drawing files you have selected in the building structure retain their status even if you switch to the fileset structure, select a structural level and then press ESC to quit the fileset structure without changing anything.

The name of a smart symbol you change in the library must consist of at least one character.
Allplan saves new smart symbols directly to a new group; the 'Contents' folder is no longer available.
We corrected the contents of the shortcut menu presenting search results in the Default folder of the library.
We improved the message Allplan displays when you save library elements with illegal characters.

Polyline entry with the 'Polygonize entire element' option detects outlines with circles rotated by certain angles.
Allplan correctly processes the value and unit in brackets.

A high system angle no longer affects text direction.
You can quickly and easily enter special characters in conjunction with Allplan fonts.

Dimension Lines
We expanded the base value for elevation dimensioning.
When using Allplan fonts, you can quickly and easily enter special characters in additional text of dimensions lines.

Allplan checks the unit when you import DWG files.
We improved DWG export of door SmartParts using exchange favorite 1.

IFC interface
The 'Certified CV2.0 data export' option is preset for 'Export IFC Data...', making sure you obtain the best IFC quality possible.
We improved IFC export of data with smart symbols and associative views.

We improved the 'Import CEDRUS Data' tool.

Print Preview, Layout
We corrected inconsistencies that might have occurred when you processed special data with 3D circles using the 'Print Preview', 'Print Layouts' or 'Export PDF Data' tool.
You can change the display scale in layout mode.
When there are several layout elements, you can quickly and easily select the layout element you want to use for transferring the layer visibility.
We sped up the definition of layout windows outside the layout sheet.
When you move the Allplan window while 'Print Layouts - Multiple printout' is active, the viewport toolbar moves correctly with the Allplan window.
You can always cancel multiple printout of layouts by pressing ESC.
When you archive layouts, Allplan saves the attribute file with its correct name.
A print profile in a project is saved together with the project backup so that you can import it to other computers and use it there.
You no longer need to define the layout elements you want to modify in conjunction with 'Transfer Layer Visibility' a number of times.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
We improved dialog boxes and messages in the 3D Modeling module.
We adapted element selection using the brackets in the new 3D modeling tools to the Allplan default: opening a selection rectangle no longer 'unselects' the elements you have already selected.
Allplan displays elements you selected for 'Extrude Along Path' in the selection color defined even if 'Color stands for pen' is active.
'Chamfer' correctly cuts 3D lines created as polylines.
You can quickly and easily select the path for 'Extrude Along Path'.
We improved the 'Fillet' tool for 3D polylines and 3D splines.
You can now use SHIFT+click to select elements with the same group number in the new 3D modeling tools, too.

Bridge and Civil Engineering
The 'Scale factor' set for 'Scale' no longer affects the manner in which Allplan moves the label of a section created with 'Section Along Curve'.


More attributes are available (water and shipping authorities, MPG template project).
The model always updates quickly, regardless of the data involved.
The most recent report opens when you select 'Building Lists' the first time after you have started Allplan.

General: Roofs, Planes, Sections
You can modify the eaves height of gambrel roofs.
You can quickly and easily switch between roof shapes while entering roof planes.
'Raise File' moves the "new" 3D elements with curves correctly into the z direction.
'List Default Planes' issues a message when a change affects several drawing files. This message uses the correct character set.

Walls, Openings, Components
We reduced the dialog box for selecting trades to the necessary width.
Copying data to the Clipboard using CTRL+C does not destroy the link between opening elements and openings.
You can quickly and easily edit joints using handles.
Allplan quickly updates the data after you have inserted door SmartParts in door openings.
Allplan correctly draws an entity-based wall on a closed ellipse, irrespective of the position of the additional point, even if you select the 'Area detection using additional point' option and enter a great value for 'Number of segments'.
We improved the display of text in small columns in the 'Wall' dialog box.
With 'Replace Smart Symbol, SmartPart' you can now select several objects you want to replace by double-clicking them one after the other in the library. Allplan replaces the last element selected.
We improved the legend for windows with SmartParts.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Allplan immediately displays any changes you make to the room height. You no longer need to select 'Restore 3D View'.
Viewports with section display take into account the 'Consider floor' property defined for smart symbols and SmartParts.
Associativity is retained when you congruently copy elements with their associative legend to new drawing files.


Associative Views
You can place symbols with associative views and sections in documents.
Reinforcement you created as a standard section is visible in layout windows even if the reinforcement is outside the section object.
After you have made changes in a drawing file, Allplan correctly displays fixtures in associative sections. You do not need to select 'Refresh'.
When you modify an associative section that does not display the clipping path, Allplan retains the label of this section as it is.
When you click a section object while no tool is active, Allplan no longer displays the message informing you about the selection of elements on frozen layers.
Allplan correctly adjusts the position of the section label when you rotate the section object and the object intersected.
Allplan correctly displays bars in associative sections when you modify the section object using handles.
We improved the messages announcing that you should separate the reinforcement model from associative views and sections.
We improved the representation of reinforcement in associative section displays.
Allplan correctly displays the clipping lines when you modify sections of associative sections and views together.
After you have edited SmartParts with reinforcement, Allplan retains the reinforcement in the associative views even if there are more views that are not selected and these views contain reinforcement that is set to hidden.
Allplan correctly displays soffits in conjunction with rotated plan view.

Bar Reinforcement
You can see the selection color and the preview when editing reinforcement using a point handle and a tool.
Handles of reinforcement in SmartParts appear in the correct position in the associative view.
After you have changed the number or diameter of bars in a placement in rotation using 'Modify Placement', Allplan correctly updates the mark label.
You can quickly and easily change the overlap lengths of torsion stirrups.
We improved the manner in which bending shapes appear in reinforcement reports and legends.

Mesh Reinforcement
You can select modified cross-section catalogs from the office standard for 'Mesh Shape'.

After having upgraded, you can use cross-section catalogs saved in a project.


'Mount 3D Model in Image' allows you to load a view you saved beforehand.
We improved the effect of the Phong angle on complex general 3D objects in animation.
'Mount 3D Model in Image' displays the bitmap immediately after you have selected it.

Allplan International

The names of the end symbols attached to dimension lines are now available in Chinese, Japanese and Turkish.
We corrected layer administration for certain regional formats.

British Standard
We improved assignment of bar shapes to shape codes and calculation of individual lengths.

You can use Cyrillic characters to define selection criteria and formulas.

South African Standard
We improved assignment of bar shapes to shape codes and calculation of individual lengths.