Allplan Engineering QuickStart for Buildings

Your introduction to Allplan

Allplan QuickStart allows you a quick entry into Allplan's operating philosophy. Install the QuickStart project data and let us show you the first steps to a 3D building model. Create a compact overview of the model and learn the benefits of the 3D model-based planning method.


Welcome to the Allplan Quick Start Guide

What you need to get started

  1. Download the project file “USA Quick Start Guide”do not unzip the file.
  2. Open Allplan > from the welcome screen click Open
  3. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to your downloads folder (or where you downloaded the project file to)
  4. Drag and drop the zipped project file into the New Project, Open Project dialog box in Allplan.
  5. Select the file to open the project.
  6. You’re now ready to start Lesson 1

Lesson 1 - Allplan User Interface
(approx. 5 minutes)

  • Introduction to the interface, ribbons and palettes

Lesson 2 - The Building Structure
(approx. 9 minutes)

  • Starting a project
  • Setting up and managing drawing files
  • Assigning elevations and planes

Lesson 3 - Importing and Drawing Files
(approx. 9 minutes)

  • How to import pdfs and dwgs
  • Working with drawing files

Lesson 4 - Modeling the foundation and framing plans
(approx. 12 minutes)

  • How to model footings, walls, columns and beams
  • Introduction to Wizards
  • Filtering object visibility

Lesson 5 - Openings and roof framing plan
(approx. 16 minutes)

  • Creating openings in existing walls
  • Working with Wizards
  • Modifying member properties
  • Modeling slabs

Lesson 6 - Wizards, views and sections
(approx. 13 minutes)

  • How to create a custom wizard
  • Creating and working with views and sections

Lesson 7 - Generating 3D reinforcing; Area Reinforcement
(approx. 11 minutes)

  • Introduction to modeling concrete reinforcement
  • Modeling area reinforcement in footings and walls

Lesson 8 - Generating 3D reinforcing; Bar Reinforcement
(approx. 10 minutes)

  • Modeling bar reinforcement


Lesson 9 - Creating Layout Drawings
(approx. 8 minutes)

  • Creating derived drawing files
  • Introduction to setting up and managing a layout

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