Examples of impressive Allplan Bimplus projects around the world.

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Digital workflow on a mega project


Stuttgart 21 as a part of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project is one of the largest European infrastructure projects. Within the whole project, five new stations, about 120 kilometers of new railways and two new quarters are being built. But it‘s not just the size that makes this project so impressive. In addition, engineering history is being written here, both in terms of design and technology. Special attention will be paid to the station concourse of the new underground through-station in Stuttgart, designed by ingenhoven architects.

An architecturally highly sophisticated shell roof, supported by 28 geometrically highly complex chalice-shaped columns, qualifies this as a masterpiece of modern architecture that the world has never seen before. Without the use of powerful BIM software and production processes specially developed for the project, the implementation of the building would be impossible. The engineering firm Werner Sobek AG, which was responsible for the structural, shell and reinforcement design of the underground through-station concourse, therefore relied largely on 3D for the design.

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A practical perspective: Using the BIM method in timber construction

Many customers are benefiting from the advantages that Allplan Bimplus offers in their day-to-day work: The Swiss company Blumer-Lehmann AG, for example, specializes in timber construction and manages communication with project partners via the open BIM platform.

Comprehensive web-based coordination

Project: Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Allplan Bimplus

The Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen is being expanded. This affects several buildings. The entire project has a total construction cost of 587 million Swiss francs. The expansion will be built in two different planning and construction phases. ...

The challenge:

“We did not have a contractual requirement from the client to plan this project with BIM,” says Andreas Haffter, project manager and BIM manager of WaltGalmarini AG, “but due to the size and complexity of the project, this was obvious to us; also because quality assurance was important to us and we wanted to document the model comparisons.” ...

The solution:

WaltGalmarini AG gained its first experience of using this openBIM solution with the “Haus 10” at the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen. “We executed the tasks, made cuts, wrote comments and the tree structure within the individual models and building structure was helpful for us. ...

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Bespoke and innovative Building

Project: ristav CUBE, Karlsruhe area, Germany

The construction project “ristav CUBE” is a classic example of a project with customer-specific features. Construction began in 2017 and the planned completion date is summer 2018. ristav GmbH is a medium-sized company from the Karlsruhe area, which has a plot in the newly developed Karlsruhe industrial park, Kirchfeld-Nord. They were planning the new office and residential building here and commissioned the Vollack Group to design it. ...

The challenge:

The first challenge was to create space for the files as well as sufficient office space. Secondly, the focus of the development process was about optimizing the working environment, by linking work processes and creating short travel distances within the building. In addition, the project’s energy goals and the pre-defined working method Building Information Modeling (BIM) played a major role for Vollack. ...

The solution:

To be able to take such aspects into consideration in detail, the architects and engineers at Vollack use the software from ALLPLAN during the design phase, and in certain cases, even adapt it for individual needs. 3D models are created at Vollack with Allplan using their own CAD component library and are enhanced with smart data. ...

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Biomass receiving and treatment plant

Biomass receiving and treatment plant “Ara Region Bern AG”

“Ara Region Bern AG” is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Switzerland. With the construction of a new receiving and treatment plant for biomass on the site of the former sludge drying plant, “Ara Region Bern AG” will be able to increase the future production of biogas by around 25 percent. ...

The challenge:

“On the one hand, we had to align the new building with the structures present on the existing foundation walls, but on the other hand, we had to coordinate the operational requirements with the entire receiving area as well as the process technology for treating the biomass,” says project manager Hans Peter Bütikofer from “ingenta ag ingenieure + planer” as he describes the challenges. ...

The solution:

"We use Allplan Engineering to develop 3D models and exchange data in BIM projects. We also use the openBIM solution Allplan Bimplus, says Andreas Liesen, referring to the current uses. For the new building of the biomass receiving and treatment plant, ingenta submitted a proposal to the client to 3 implement this construction project as a BIM project. ...

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