Why Allplan

We think holistic – BIM right from the start

„Holistic thinking has always been the distinguishing element of our software solutions. With Allplan we are building bridges between disciplines.“

Prof. Georg Nemetschek, Company founder

Renowned companies put their trust in ALLPLAN

Satisfied customers are the best proof of the reliability and quality of a company and its products. Our reference reports are a testament to our software’s capabilities.


Architects' Darling 2016

Allplan is the most popular architects' software in Germany

Allplan impresses Germany’s architects and planners for the 3rd time in succession in the largest nationwide survey of architects, involving 1,600 architects and planners.

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*In a survey to 1,006 Allplan customers and prospects, we asked “Would you recommend Allplan to others?” and 96% answered “Yes”. 

Office buillding Aviatica, Prague, Czech republic

The former factory premises of aircraft engine manufacturer Waltrovka / Walter Engines is located in the district of Jinonice, in the fifth administrative department of Prague. Investment management group Penta Investments is planning to build a new city quarter with three office complexes (Aviatica, Dynamica and Mechanica) and various residential complexes on this 169,000 m² site in the coming years.

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With our pioneering spirit, our reliability and our openness, we play a crucial role in shaping the design, construction and management of the future.

While considering the entire lifecycle of a structure, we keep our mind open to allow for innovative approaches.

Our history - 50 years of pioneering spirit

  • 1963 Georg Nemetschek founds "Ingenieurbüro für das Bauwesen", a construction engineering firm
  • 1981 Nemetschek Programmsystem GmbH established
  • 1984 CAD solution Allplan
  • 1994 AVA solution Allright
  • 1999 Nemetschek AG goes public
  • 2008 Nemetschek Allplan Systems GmbH established
  • 2014 Allplan Bimplus cloud-based BIM platform launched
  • 2015 Nemetschek Allplan changes name to ALLPLAN GmbH

ALLPLAN facts and figures

  • Headquarters Munich, Germany
  • Other offices France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, USA
  • Employees 400 in 9 countries
  • Software 20 languages, 41 countries
  • Users 240,000 worldwide
  • 96 % customer satisfaction Survey of 1,006 ALLPLAN customers and prospects in october and november 2016.