Hotfix Allplan 2011-1-2

Release Notes

General notes

Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.

Data Conversion
Improved conversion of bitmaps from Allplan 2009 to bitmap areas in Allplan 2011.
Bar reinforcement: dimension text of dimension lines in schemas from earlier versions are placed correctly after data conversion to Allplan 2011.
Custom lists containing element groups inserted as symbols can be converted again.

Graphics Engine
Urban planning: signatures of drawing symbols are correctly displayed in legends.


‘Stretch Entities’ in conjunction with 3D objects and elevation views: height of point of intersection is matched correctly.

Exporting AutoCAD data, DWG: attributes of smart symbols, label styles and title blocks are also transferred completely in 2D mode.
Exporting/importing AutoCAD data: improved import and export of dimension lines.

Plot Layout
Export PDF Data: fills from layouts are exported correctly to PDF format.
Plot Layouts: temporary, superordinate definitions can be made for plot profiles again.


The ‘flat-rate amount to subtract’ setting only applies to the corresponding reports.


Bar Reinforcement
Group numbers are assigned correctly in bar reinforcement drawing files again


Site Plan
Modify Point Symbol: point labeling can be switched on more quickly.


RGB color selection: the cursor is positioned in the text input line of the color dialog box again.

Export to CINEMA 4D: exported update files can also be opened automatically in R12 after the export.

Allplan International

Improved English options dialog box, mouse and crosshairs page.