Hotfix Allplan 2011-1-3

Release Notes

General notes

Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.


Exporting AutoCAD data, DWG: When exporting DWG files, you can assign to blocks of a prototype file.
Importing MicroStation data: Levels of a DGN file are imported to separate Allplan layers.

Plot Layout
Export PDF Data: the ‘Export PDF Data’ tool transfers text at the correct angle.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
The ‘Copy, Move Elements between Documents…’ tool copies a group of rooms or stories even if you have not selected all associated rooms or stories.


Reinforcement Schedules
Reinforcement legends are displayed using the colors and pens defined.

Views, Details

The ‘Detail Display Mode’ tool, ‘Zoom’ option used in conjunction with views and sections only applies to elements in the detailing window.