Hotfix Allplan 2016-0-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.


Setup and Licensing
We improved offline licensing.
You can now select the trial license during Allplan Setup.
In addition, you can see the number of the current license container in the license settings.
We improved License Server Setup based on WIBU CodeMeter.
We improved the process of creating the configuration file when you install the license server for the first time.
License settings no longer open when you create support requests (Hotinfo) or select 'Information' - 'Version'.

We corrected inconsistencies that might have occurred in conjunction with some graphics cards when you pointed to certain elements converted from earlier versions.
We enlarged the 'Project attributes' dialog box ('New Project, Open Project' - 'Properties' - 'Assign attributes').
We sped up the 'Undo' and 'Redo' tools when you copy, move and delete elements.
After you have switched off an architectural section, it is no longer displayed in the viewport toolbar.
While Allplan is running, the viewport toolbar retains its position when you connect additional screens with the computer (Windows 8.1).
The system angle does not change when you open and close 'Print Preview'.

Allplan starts without issuing a message even if the project you opened last contains active drawing files with layers set to 'hidden, frozen'.

When you reset the options, Allplan includes the setting of the 'Line type for ISO curves of 3D elements' option (in 'Options' - 'Desktop environment' - 'Display').

Allplan saves a library element only if its file name consists of valid characters. Otherwise, the program issues a message.

We improved the 'Reshape Surface Element, Architectural Area' tool.

Advanced Draft
We expanded the dialog box for 'Composite Element'.

'Export PDF Data' exports bitmaps in the correct display sequence, regardless of the resolution set.

DXF, DWG, DGN Export
Allplan no longer exports wizards together with XRefs to DWG.
Allplan Exchange Layout Distribution: the 'Highlight reference points' option (in 'Options' - 'Dimension line') no longer affects the export of layouts with the 'Export.nth' exchange favorite to DWG format. You can now export layouts as you would using 'Export' ('File' menu).

DXF, DWG, DGN Import
You can now import special DWG files containing text styles without names into Allplan.
Polylines in DGN files retain their original RGB color values when you explode and import them into Allplan.
Dimension lines in DGN files will be imported in their entirety into Allplan.
You can import DWG files containing dimension lines with double reference points or dimensioned points even if the units are very small, such as millimeters, centimeters or inches.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
We improved the processing of general 3D curves imported from Rhino.
Allplan correctly stops filleting or chamfering elements that point into the same direction or that form a straight line.
We improved the 'Sweep Path' tool when applied to complex geometries with only a single path.
We adapted element selection in the new 3D tools ('Fillet Edge', 'Chamfer Edge', 'Modify Edge Offset') to the Allplan default: opening a selection rectangle no longer cancels the selection you have already made. Instead, you can select more points.
Using the 'Union' tool, you can now convert solids imported as 3D surfaces from other programs to 3D objects.

Bridge and Civil Engineering
You can now use capital letters to enter default labels in 'Section Along Curve'.
Smart symbols with general 3D objects are visible in sections you create with 'Section Along Curve'.

We improved the process of copying fixture SmartParts.

Programming SmartParts: the GOSUB command can now process labels with umlauts.


Walls, Openings, Components
You can place both door swing symbols for Smart French door symbols with two door leaves (for example, taken from the wizards for building alteration).
We improved the process of creating spline-shaped linear components along closed curves in conjunction with area detection using additional point and the number of segments set to a great value.
Using the 'Facade' tool, you can insert smart symbols you created with 'Smart Window and Door Symbols'.

If you modify the rise of a stair you created with the 'Stair Wizard' in a drawing file in edit mode, the drawing file assignment of the stair will not change.


When you exit the 'Show Clipping Path' tool in associative sections, Allplan no longer issues the unnecessary message.
Even though you had correctly created the model and the associative sections in different drawing files, Allplan issued a message if the drawing file with the sections was open in edit mode. We removed this message.
After you have modified 3D elements, Allplan correctly updates the visibility of layers in associative views and sections.
Associative sections: Allplan displays the lines separating the new general 3D objects from the components in the same way as those separating the 3D solids from the components.

Bar reinforcement
We improved the rearrangement of reinforcement SmartParts.
After you have adjusted bars using 'Stretch Entities', Allplan correctly places the mark number; its position does not change.
Lengthening or shortening bars using 'Stretch Entities' no longer affects the remaining bars of the placement.
We improved the analysis of the bar length in circular reinforcement.
We removed the 'Engineering' - 'Bar reinforcement - element plan' legend.


Site Plan
Allplan correctly updates attributes of composite elements when you open the 'Properties' palette.
Allplan no longer issues a message when you change the format properties (pen, line, layer, color) of composite elements in the 'Properties' palette.


The Phong angle also has an effect on general 3D surfaces and objects you created from polylines using 'Loft', 'Sweep Path' or 'Extrude Along Path'.
When editing the camera path, you can add a new camera immediately after you have deleted a camera.