Hotfix Allplan 2016-1-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
We improved the 'datwaprjs' hotline tool for converting all projects straight from the Services application. If conversion of a drawing file failed, you could no longer use the contents of the successive drawing files and projects in certain cases.

Setup, Licensing, Auto-update
We improved installation in silent mode in various places.
We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
After you have returned the license and restarted the license settings, you can now see the last Product Key you used. If you want to use the same Product Key, you do not need to enter it again.
Any small letters you use to enter the Product Key will automatically be converted to capital letters.
Server operating systems: you need administrator privileges to activate licenses using the Services application - Utilities - License settings; otherwise, you will see a message.
A new CodeMeter version is available for WIBU licensing.
Note: This will only work if you install the complete package as an update, upgrade or as a new installation. It is not enough to install this hotfix or use the Update Allplan tool. To download the complete installation package, log in to Allplan Connect and go to the Service - Downloads area.

Workgroup Manager
You can use the shortcut menu of an element to change the drawing file status in a new Workgroup project. Allplan will not display a message.


When you copy several elements in one go, the elements are correctly attached to the crosshairs.

We improved the look of reinforcement in print view and PDF export when the 'Use OpenGL for all viewports' option is not active.
When you open a project from Allplan 2013 in the current version, format and orientation are preset correctly.


AutoCAD interface
Allplan detects and imports dynamic blocks from AutoCAD.
When importing and exporting DWG data, Allplan now checks the 'odx.lin' definition file and adds only new line styles.

bim+ interface
ObjectIDs are always correct even if several users who successively log in to the same computer export the same project to bim+.
You can not only export facade elements and railing elements to bim+ but also display these elements in the viewer.
Allplan now transfers the layers of reinforcement elements as attributes to bim+.

DGN interface
Allplan analyzes and assigns the layer colors when importing DGN files.

IFC interface
Allplan correctly combines placed bar reinforcement when importing IFC data.
Door swing and door swing symbol are not lost when you export data to the IFC format and then reimport the data to Allplan.


'Mark Critical Model Data': you can save the markers in the drawing file.
The 'Server is busy' message no longer appears in conjunction with some reports.

Walls, Openings, Components
When you use 'Stretch Entities' to modify a wall with smart door symbols, the direction of the door swing symbol does not change.
When defining the height setting of a slab in relation to the roof plane, you can define the offset so that it is perpendicular to the plane.
The 'Building alteration category' attribute is not lost when you use 'IBD CAD Data for Building Alteration' and apply 'Conversion for Building Alteration Work' with the 'New attributes' option.
You can see the appropriate help topic when you click the 'Help' button in the 'Properties' dialog box of the 'Dimension Walls' tool.


Bar Reinforcement
You can undo modifications you simultaneously made to the geometry of bar reinforcement in two sections. Allplan no longer displays a message.
We improved the 'Stretch Entities' tool for bar placements. Allplan only creates new marks when this is necessary. Furthermore, Allplan updates labels correctly.
Allplan retains the schema when you modify a bar using 'Stretch Entities'.
We improved the 'Stretch Entities' tool for editing structural precast elements with reinforcement.

Mesh Reinforcement
Allplan places all meshes correctly when you edit several meshes with different mark numbers using the 'Copy and Paste, Rotate' tool.

Associative Views and Sections
Allplan issues a message when you try to create an associative view of elements that are too far away from each other.
Couplers of the Erico-Lenton P13LN type are visible in associative sections.

Allplan International

Allplan selects the mesh type correctly when you place meshes of varying length in span.

Dimension line symbols are now available in Portuguese.