Hotfix Allplan 2016-1-5

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

Silent installation of Allplan now works with the 'Viewer' license and thus with stand-alone licenses.
Note: For this, you must install the complete package as an update, upgrade or as a new installation. You can download the complete installation package from Allplan Connect; go to the Service - Downloads area.

We improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
If the WIBU server is not accessible, you get a corresponding message.
License selection in WIBU license manager now also works in a Citrix environment.
We added more functions to Allplan's 'Design' license.

Data conversion
We further improved the 'datwaprjs' hotline tool for converting the data of all projects straight from the Services application. If a drawing file produces a fatal error, data conversion stops, moving the relevant drawing file to a subfolder of the project. You get a message; you can then restart data conversion. Please contact technical support for help with the drawing file that was not converted.
The file path of smart symbols from libraries got lost when you converted data from V2015 to V2016. Consequently, you could not use the 'Update Smart Symbols Placed from Library' tool. By installing hotfix 2016-1-5, you restore the information about the file path.


We improved analysis of Enum attributes when you reimport XCA files that have changed.

IFC interface
We improved import of IFC files in various places. You can import IFC files with the unit of angle set to gon.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
The 'Extrude - Extrude Offset Surface' tool displays a preview of the outline.


Walls, Openings, Components
A window opening of which the top level is attached at an offset to a custom plane is still visible in the animation window after you have changed the plane. You no longer need to select the 'Restore 3D View' tool.
You can modify the format properties of each layer in a multi-layer wall using 'Modify Format Properties' in conjunction with 'Filter by Layer' and 'Filter by Line Color'.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Rooms with finishing surfaces and trades retain the trade set when you select and confirm 'Assign, Modify Object Attributes' without changing anything.

The 'Layout list with documents' report lists the drawing file number and drawing file name in the same line.


Bar Reinforcement
We improved the 'Modify Mark' tool for changing the bar diameter.
We improved the 'Properties' palette for expanding labels you have already placed.
We improved the 'Split Bars and Create Coupler Connection' tool.


Digital Terrain Model
We improved import of a transverse profile with negative stations from a file (*.qpr).

Allplan International

A 'Mesh cutting diagram - Switzerland' consisting of several pages lists special cages on the first page.
Allplan correctly converts a 'Mesh cutting diagram - Switzerland' (with bending shapes of which the segment labels were moved) created in Allplan 2015-1-12 to Allplan 2016-1-5.