Hotfix Allplan 2017-0-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.
We improved the 'Quality Reporter' program.

Setup and licensing
We improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
Allplan installation is better and faster.
When decompressing an installation package downloaded from the website, you can now select the folder for saving the package. The program no longer deletes the package after installation, so that you can use it for more installations.

Workgroup online
Online projects update correctly even if you close Allplan while some tools are still open.

We improved analysis of formulas in label styles for PDF export.

We improved the U-sections in the '2D steel sections, angular, idealized' library. The interior sides of the flanges are now inclined.


The 'Change Drawing File Status' dialog box is visible even if the Allplan window is not in the foreground when you open this tool.
Palettes stay where they are when you open and close 'Print Preview'.
The message announcing that you have reached the maximum number of viewports is always in the foreground.
The 'Surface elements in background' setting ('Show/Hide') takes into account reference drawing files.
You can combine style areas assigned to objects derived from the building structure into an element group.

Building structure
We improved the drawing file filter in the fileset structure. This filter presents the correct results when you look for drawing files that are empty but named.
We improved objects derived from the building structure that consist of several structural levels and that include a lot of source drawing files for views and sections.

You can now resize the dialog box for saving files to Sketchup, Rhino or STL format.

IFC interface
We improved export of particular 3D elements to IFC 2x3 format and IFC 4 format.

AutoCAD interface
We improved DWG export of particular 3D solids.

KMZ interface
Allplan exports the model with its correct inclination to KMZ format (Google Earth).

We improved the 'List Layout Elements' tool for copying and replacing layout drawing files.

Bonus Tools

Smart Symbols
We improved analysis of attributes in instances of smart symbols.

You can change smart symbol foils of symbol fixtures later.


Walls, Openings Components
Allplan correctly displays and analyzes the floor structure of door openings with window SmartParts consisting of several parts.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
We improved the dialog boxes for entering values. The 'Off, Empty, Clean' button sets the value back to zero.
We improved the 'Gross room area, dimensions.rdlc' report.

Hidden Line Image, Views, Sections
'Update Hidden Line Image' does not change the position of elements.
We improved shadows for hidden line images of horizontal sections from below.
Hidden line images take 3D circles into account.
When you use 'Copy, Move Elements between Documents' with the 'Display target drawing file' option to insert a number of copies of elements taken from an associative view in the building structure, Allplan correctly displays a preview of the copies you have already placed.
You can copy parts of an associative section created in the building structure to other drawing files.
You can edit views and sections faster; in particular, this applies to views and sections created in the building structure without the 'Update automatically' option.
'Restore 3D View' retains views and sections you copied to another drawing file using the clipboard. This applies to views and sections created in the building structure without the 'Update automatically' option.
Allplan ignores the 'construction lines' = 'on' setting when you create views and sections in the building structure; as a result, the views and sections are visible in layouts.
When calculating views and sections in the building structure, Allplan uses the reference scale you defined in the 'Generate Section' palette.
We improved the selection preview of views you create in the building structure and select the 'Display hidden edges' option.
Views with surface elements you create in the building structure are still visible when you open and close ProjectPilot.
When you move or copy views and sections created in the building structure, Allplan displays a preview even if the 'OpenGL for all viewports' option (GDI mode) is not selected on the 'Display' page in the 'Options'.
You can select single elements in a section created in the building structure. To select the entire section, click its border.
We improved calculation of views and sections in the building structure, eliminating the message announcing that the document size set was reached.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync
We improved replication of split FM rooms with finishing surfaces of two or more layers.
We improved the 'Smart Symbol to Item Assignment' tool in various places, for example, for selecting and displaying smart symbols.
We improved the 'Define FM View' tool for saving original data.
Allfa TT starts up faster; you no longer have to select the language.


Allplan does not upload a revised model to bim+ until revision has been completed successfully.


We improved shadows of transparent materials in viewports of the animation view type.
We improved reflection of transparent, reflective materials (for example, glass, water).


Bar Reinforcement
We improved editing of reinforcement created with 'Extrude Bars Along Path'. After you have changed the overlap length, Allplan correctly displays the longitudinal reinforcement.
The 'FEA Reinforcement Color Image' tool displays the floor plan in the reinforcement windows.
We improved direct object modification of labels and leaders applied to reinforcement placed per meter.
We improved the 'Convert, Match Elements' tool for using 3D polylines as bar bending shapes.
We improved calculation of segment lengths of open stirrups and hooks.

Mesh Reinforcement
We improved group display of mesh placements with the 'Objects' palette.

Section Along Curve
When editing sections created with 'Section Along Curve', you can hide layers using the layer filter.
We improved editing of longitudinal reinforcement created with 'Extrude Bars Along Path'.

Python Parts
We improved Python Parts in various places.
We improved localization of Python Parts.

Engineering Views, Details

Associative Views
We improved selection of associative views.
Allplan places reinforcement in associative sections in the correct position when you have not selected the 'Display section object' option.

We improved copying of meshes with detailing windows.