Hotfix Allplan 2017-0-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

You can now send a support request created with ‘Hotinfo’ to the bim+ support team.

Setup and licensing

Backup files created automatically by auto-update will be deleted automatically after installation. Backup files of earlier auto-updates can be deleted manually.

To do this, open the corresponding folder in Windows Explorer (for example, using the ‘Services application - Service - Windows Explorer') and delete the folders starting with 2017, for example, '2017-0-1_'.

Check the following folders:

- CAD program folder - PRG folder

- CAD program folder - HLP folder

- General program data - ETC folder

Workgroup, Workgroup Online

Allplan is now faster when several users are connected with the same server.

You can delete drawing files from active online projects.

Editing hybrid projects (local and online) is faster.

Data conversion

Sections from Allplan 2016 are displayed correctly in Allplan 2017.


There is no problem restarting Allplan after you have moved a viewport of the animation type to another monitor.

Creating views and sections using the building structure

Allplan takes into account changes in print sets when automatically updating views and sections derived from the building structure.

The position of a view derived from the building structure does not change even if you change the visibility of elements using the ‘Objects’ palette.

When applied to associative views derived from the building structure, the ‘Adjacent edges for architectural components - display between different surface elements’ option produces the same results as in earlier versions.

Copying sections derived from the building structure (‘Update automatically’ option off) does not change the original sections.

You can select views and sections derived from the building structure using the ‘Select elements fully bounded and intersected by selection window’ option.

When you select a perspective view for generating a view derived from the building structure, Allplan automatically switches off the ‘Update automatically’ option.

Objects palette

Using the ‘Objects’ palette, you can move reinforcing bar elements to a different layer.


The HEM 100 symbol (Unfinished structure - Steel - 3D objects, rounded - HEM) is dimensionally correct.

We improved I-sections and T-sections (Unfinished structure - Steel - 2D steel sections, angular, idealized); the flanges are now inclined.


ODX interfaces

You can use configuration files from Allplan 2015 to exchange data with Microstation and AutoCAD.

AutoCAD interface

The drawing sequence does not change when you export layouts without layout elements to AutoCAD.

bim+ interface

We improved export of converted user-defined architectural elements to bim+.

Layout editor

You can use Allplan Exchange Layout Distribution to export layouts containing sections derived from the building structure.

Drawing files containing XRefs of views and sections derived from the building structure can be placed in layouts.

You can define the line color black as a superordinate color in layouts.

There is no problem exporting layouts containing models to PDF format.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories

The ‘Gross floor area, dimensions’ report outputs subtotals correctly.

The components associated with quantity calculations selected in Nevaris and BCM are highlighted in the Allplan project.



When you record a movie based on a custom NDW file, Allplan shows the active function and progress in the title bar of the viewport.


Bar Reinforcement

We improved placing longitudinal bars with ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’. Tip: In some cases it may be better to use a spline instead of lines and arcs.

When you place 2D reinforcement using single placement, Allplan applies the viewing direction to the last bending shape you selected.

Opening and closing the bending shape dialog box does not affect angles and hook lengths.

We improved placing span reinforcement of bars with hooks at the start and end.

Assigning mark numbers using ‘New Mark Number’ is faster.

Engineering Views, Details

Associative views

Allplan correctly creates a bottom view of a wall with a door that stretches along the entire length of the wall.

General 3D elements converted to 2D in views and sections can be edited with ‘Auto-Delete Segment’.

Allplan International


Adding diameters to cross-section catalogs does not affect existing diameters.