Hotfix Allplan 2017-0-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

While upgrading or uninstalling Allplan, Setup removes data that are no longer required.
You can double-click to start installing an unzipped installation package you downloaded from Connect. You no longer see a prompt.
We improved the 'First-time installation with copying data' installation type for Allplan 2017.
Allplan installation is better and faster.

We improved WIBU licensing of Allplan in various places.
Due to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this hotfix also updates the version of WIBU licensing.

Workgroup Online
The last fileset structure you selected in an FTP project will be presented again the next time you open this FTP project.
When opening a project, Allplan displays a progress bar, showing how much data have been compressed or decompressed. This progress bar is now fully visible.
You cannot delete the contents of drawing files that are in use. This is now the same as with Workgroup Manager.


Editing a copy of an Excel sheet embedded as an OLE object in Allplan no longer changes the original OLE object.
IBD: When you create a new project, the columns with the project attributes are in the same sequence as in earlier versions.
It is now easier to ‘Copy’ advanced XRefs in a drawing file and then to ‘Undo’ this operation.

When you edit superimposed lines using ‘Fold Line’, Allplan changes only the line on top.

Views and sections (derived from building structure)
When moving and copying elements in associative views and sections derived from the building structure, Allplan displays previews of general 3D elements and converted user-defined architectural elements.
After converting data from V2016 to V2017, Allplan displays the symbols indicating the results of hidden line calculations for all corresponding drawing files in the area derived from the building structure.
We improved views and sections derived from the building structure, removing all modification tools from the shortcut menu of drawing files open in reference mode.
Views converted from Allplan 2016 have the correct dimensions in Allplan 2017.
The DEFAULT layer is preset when you create views and sections derived from the building structure.
Allplan takes into account the selected print set when you create views and sections derived from the building structure.
When you change a section, Allplan immediately updates the section.
When you create views and sections derived from the building structure in drawing files with the ‘Lock update’ setting, Allplan does not recalculate the data until you confirm the prompt.
When you copy views with the 'Update automatically' option a number of times and then undo this operation, Allplan correctly updates the original.
Selection preview correctly displays surface elements in views and sections.
Using the ‘Filter by Element Type’ tool, you can now filter views and sections with surface elements by fill and pattern.

Python Parts
Python Parts that come with Allplan 2017 use surfaces in the default folder.
Python Parts can contain associative views.

We improved the ‘Sliding door’ SmartPart. You can analyze the dimensions of the opening.
We improved windows with three casements, positioning the secondary mullion correctly. We changed the following SmartParts: 3c wood rollers, 3c wood rabbet, 3c wood muntins, 3c white rollers, 3c white rabbet, 3c white muntins.

Objects palette
You can close drawing files straight from the ‘Objects’ palette.
When you use the ‘Objects’ palette to control which elements are visible in a view derived from the building structure, Allplan immediately updates the view.
The ‘Objects’ palette no longer lists layers of hidden marks.

CPIXML interface
We improved export of 3D lines, including objects of the 'chain' type.
The CPIXML interface correctly exports openings in slab foundations.
Export includes all attributes of general 3D objects or surfaces.

IFC interface
We improved import of particular columns with common edges.
We improved import of elements with special characters in attribute definitions.

We adjusted the ‘Task Board’ palette in Allplan to the new rights and roles of bim+ server.
We simplified and adjusted terminology.
Clicking 'Settings' at the bottom of the 'Task Board' palette displays information on the Allplan project, bim+ team and bim+ model.
We improved selection of several elements using ‘Select Elements’ in the ‘Task Board’ palette.
We improved the messages the program displays when you transfer data to bim+. You can now see how much data have been transferred. As soon as the process is complete, the program displays a summary listing the data that have not been transferred due to Internet problems, for example. You can then transfer those data again.
You can export new building objects to bim+.

Layout Editor
The palettes stay where they are when you switch to ‘Layout Editor'.
Switching between ‘Layout Editor’ and document editing no longer hides the ‘Wizards' and 'Objects' palettes.
‘Print Preview’ tool: We improved 'PDF Export' with the 'Export high-quality data’ option for particular drawing files.
We improved design view in conjunction with the following settings: color-pen association, black background, general 3D objects and line colors in black. The selected pen thickness does not change.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
We improved the 'Undo’ tool for deleting spheres, cylinders and so on.
We improved point snap for general 3D objects.
Modeling may produce unnecessary edges. You can now use the ‘Union’ tool to remove those edges from general 3D objects and user-defined architectural elements.
You can extrude planar surfaces of objects (where the edge is inside the object) created with the 'Rotate’ tool.
We improved the ‘Fillet Edge' and 'Chamfer Edge' tools for objects with a common edge.
We improved the 'Convert Elements' - 'General 3D element to 3D solid, 3D surface' tool, ensuring that this tool produces planar surfaces that can be extruded.
We improved the ‘Union’ tool for complex objects modeled with Boolean operations.
We improved the ‘Loft’ tool so that you can use edges of general 3D objects as profiles.

Hidden edges of converted user-defined architectural elements set to visible are visible in sections even if you applied a bitmap area to the section surface.
We improved selection preview and selection of converted user-defined architectural elements you created from general 3D objects.
You can save all parameters of a converted user-defined architectural element to a favorite in 'mgkfnfx' format.
When creating and editing converted user-defined architectural elements, you can use the parameters of other converted user-defined architectural elements by clicking 'Match properties' (pipette).
If you use a measuring tool while creating or editing converted user-defined architectural elements, Allplan updates the ‘User-Defined Archit. Element’ palette, locking it for entries.
Converted user-defined architectural elements with hatching look like other architectural elements in architectural sections; only the intersected edges get a thick line.

Templates: Reports, Legends, Labels
We improved the messages displayed by ‘Manage Label Styles, Legends’.

You can change attributes when editing several SmartParts in SmartPart Editor.


Walls, Openings, Components
It is now easier to enter the sill height of a window opening.
We improved analysis of the 'Bottom level' attribute in labels of components with large coordinates.

The ‘Apply Archit. Component Properties’ tool transfers the layer settings of door swings (provided the 'Window and door openings can be placed on independent layers’ option is selected in the 'Options' - 'Components and architecture' - 'Special').
The 'Merge Surface Elements, Archit. Elements’ tool only merges components that touch and that are in alignment.

Window sill SmartParts always adjust to the new width of a window opening.
The ‘Opening Designer’ dialog box no longer includes the locked symbol for drawing file selection.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
You can assign the ‘TA’ occupancy type to rooms by clicking the corresponding button in the ‘Net Room Areas’ dialog box.

We improved export of the ‘Room.rdlc’ report (‘Rooms, Surfaces, Stories’ - ‘Rooms’ folder) to Excel.
We improved the ‘Window sills.rdlc’ report (‘Finish’ - ‘Windows, doors’ folder).
Reports analyze information on door leaves and windows casements of SmartParts (for example, Windows (details).rdlc, Windows (details with prices).rdlc, Doors (deatils).rdlc, Doors (details with prices).rdlc).

The ‘Spiral Ramp’ tool correctly calculates the value for main inclination.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync
We improved the settings of floor area attributes of rooms converted from V2012.
We improved matching of FM room attributes for creating new rooms. The program does not assign the FM room identifier until you actually create the new room.


Bar Reinforcement
You can enter bars using ‘Bar Shape’ immediately after you have entered meshes.
You can use bars of any diameter even if you select ‘Comment’ for the label of the cross-section in the options.
We improved the 'Modify Format Properties in View’ tool for modifying several marks.
We improved the modification options for changing the bending pin diameter, correcting any errors caused by modification. The BVBS data created are correct.

The 'Bar schedule - bending shapes' legend correctly displays the length of each bar.
You can use diameters with two decimal places in cross-section catalogs.

Precast Elements
The program ignores the wall axis when you create details using BIM Booster.


We improved the ‘Tree plan.rdlc’ report. This report analyzes trees to be planted, too.

Road Details

We improved the ‘Tractrix settings’ dialog box of the ‘Tractrix’ tool, removing unnecessary elements.


When rendering, you can access any surface file in any folder.

Allplan International

The new terms of DIN277-2016 are available in Austria and Switzerland.
We improved localization of SmartParts for Asian languages.
The names of Python Parts that come with Allplan 2017 are displayed in the current language.
We improved the dialog boxes for installing in Czech.