Hotfix Allplan 2017-1-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

This hotfix updates WIBU licensing to the current version 6.40a.


The ‘product data link’ provides 256 characters, thus improving the connection to BIMobject data.
Text in legends is no longer covered by fills; so text is always visible.

Workgroup, Workgroup Online
Workgroup Online: Allplan displays the drawing file names when you ‘Copy, Move Elements between Documents’ and select the drawing files using the building structure.

Allplan Exchange
When you export a layout using PDF export, Allplan Exchange correctly assigns changed colors. You get the same result as you would when using the ‘Export PDF Data’ tool in the Layout’ module.

Libraries - Python Parts
We improved Python Parts in various places. For example, you have more options to label reinforcement.

Allplan keeps duplicate user-defined attributes after import, issuing a message.

DXF interface
DXF export transfers elements within smart symbol definitions.
We improved IFC import of data with polyhedrons.

IFC interface
IFC2x3 export of Allplan data transfers a valid value for the priority.

Views and sections (derived from building structure)
We improved data conversion of projects with sections in the 'Derived from building structure’ area.
When you convert drawing files with views and sections created in a version before Allplan 2017-0-4 to the current version, the borders around views and sections may be larger. You can usually solve this problem by activating and deactivating the ‘Update automatically’ option. If this approach is not useful to you, as it involves much effort, please contact Technical Support who will provide you with a correction routine.
When you work with project templates and projects with predefined source drawing files for views and sections from previous versions, Allplan no longer produces a view when you generate an associative section in the 'Derived from building structure’ area.
Applying the ‘Change Archit. Properties’ tool no longer changes the labels of components or columns converted to 3D objects in associative views.
We improved copying of model data using the clipboard and then pasting the data to the original position in a drawing file with associative sections within a section object.

Advance Draft
The ‘Polar Axis Grid’ tool correctly processes values you enter for lengths and angles.

We improved analyses of 3D elements placed in layouts.
Using ‘Properties of layout element’, you can define whether surface elements are visible in the layout or layout window. Now this setting also applies to surface elements in views and sections derived from the building structure.

bim+, Task Board
We improved export of Allplan data to bim+.
When you upload Allplan projects to bim+, all components get correct height settings in the model.
We improved export of surfaces as resources to bim+.
When transferring vertical surfaces, floor surfaces and ceiling surfaces to bim+, Allplan includes all layers and geometric data of the surfaces in the transfer.


Walls, Openings Components
Changing or mirroring the opening direction of smart door symbols or door SmartParts with labels does not move the labels.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Allplan checks the attribute definition when you create new user-defined attributes.
The ‘Gross room area - dimensions.rdlc’ report in the DIN277-2016 folder was renamed ‘Gross floor area - dimensions.rdlc’ and adjusted accordingly.
We adjusted formatting and rounding of area calculations in various reports (‘Living space - overview.rdlc’, ‘Secondary space.rdlc’, ‘Concept - room groups.rdlc’, ‘Room groups - overview.rdlc’ and ‘Room - base area.rdlc’), so that Allplan can correctly apply the settings you defined for clear quantity calculations in the options.
Using 'MT_Roof()' or 'MT_RoofLayer()', you can analyze roof covering or the layers of roof covering above a room. In addition, you can assign the 'Inclination @909@' attribute to roof covering.

Building Alteration
‘Demolition Object, New Building Object’ lets you select layers of multilayer components using a selection rectangle.


You can use the arrow keys (left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and down arrow) to move the model in a viewport of the animation view type.


The current versions of Allplan and PLANBAR were adjusted. Allplan’s selection preview shows components created in PLANBAR without issuing a message.
Reinforcement legends only update when reinforcement has changed, thus improving performance.

Bar Reinforcement
Bars placed per meter using ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’ will be analyzed as bars placed per meter by the ‘Bar schedule - bending shapes’ legend.
We reworked the ‘Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes.rdlc’ report, thus improving analyses of 2D reinforcement.
If you use ‘Stretch Entities’ to change only one bar in a placement, Allplan creates a new mark number for this changed bar.
When working in associative views, you can edit and delete 2D bar reinforcement more quickly.
Allplan correctly places a single placement of 2D bar reinforcement taken from a schema.
The label does not change when you set a different reference scale while selecting the bars to be displayed using ‘Place Bar Shape’.
We reworked the ‘Bar schedule - bending shapes’ legend, thus improving analyses of bars with the same segment lengths.
The schema and ‘Bar schedule - bending shapes’ legend round the bending pin diameter to the same value in accordance with the setting defined in the options.
Allplan correctly displays and analyzes copies of bars created with ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’.
Allplan rounds segment lengths before transferring them to the bending machine, making sure the values can be processed by the bending machine.
After you have modified the bending pin diameter using ‘Modify Bending Pin’, Allplan correctly transfers the segment lengths to the bending machine.
We improved placing reinforcement created in an associative section within another associative section.
Allplan correctly displays screwed sockets and screwed-on anchorage elements of the SAS 670 type provided by ‘Coupler, Thread, Connecting Bar’. Note: For this, you must install the complete package as an update, upgrade or as a new installation. You can download the complete installation package from Allplan Connect; go to the Service - Downloads area.