Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

We improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.


We improved the way Allplan processes solids when you open drawing files converted from the previous version.

Workgroup Online
Building structure and drawing files are no longer slow to open when you work with NAS firmware and access the data from an external computer.

Libraries - Python Parts
We improved Python Parts in various places.

AutoCAD interface
We improved import of DWG files.

bim+ interface
We improved transfer of textures when you import Allplan models to bim+.
We improved bim+ import of Allplan rooms with finishing surfaces applied to floors and ceilings.
We improved transfer of topological information when you export Allplan data to bim+.
We improved transfer of multilayer finishing surfaces of rooms when you export Allplan data to bim+.

IFC interface
Note: Since version 2017-1, a 'Project Offset' is taken into account automatically for export. The IFC interface now behaves in the same way as the AutoCAD interface. Please consider this changed behavior for further IFC exports.

SketchUp interface
We updated the SketchUp interface. You can now import and export SketchUp data in the formats 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Views and sections (derived from building structure)
Allplan no longer doubles wall layers in the drawing file when you work with associative sections derived from the building structure.

The ‘Print Layouts’ tool immediately updates associative sections derived from the building structure when you change the display settings. For example, you switch ‘color stands for pen’ on and off or choose a different print profile.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
We improved the way the ‘Union’ tool merges complex solids.
We improved the way the ‘Loft’ tool processes composite elements with different orientations, thus avoiding twisted solids.


When editing reports using ‘Report Designer’, you can see the attribute categories for formulas.
Allplan immediately updates the wall when you show or hide the component axis by selecting ‘Properties’ on the wall’s shortcut menu.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
It is now easier to delete the first layer of multilayer finishing surfaces and special surfaces applied to rooms. Rooms created as DIN 277 net rooms in a previous version are identified as rooms by Allplan. You can now edit and label those rooms as you would normal rooms.

Frame Construction: Rafters, Roof Beams, Posts
The height settings of rafters do not change when you edit rafters.


Bar Reinforcement
We improved the way the ‘Convert, Match Elements’ tool handles 2D area reinforcement.
We improved the way Allplan calculates the text width of bar labels.
Allplan retains the leader of the ‘Fan’ dimension line type when you modify the placing region using ‘Stretch Entities’.
You can use ‘Stretch Entities’ to change a group of bars placed in span.
We improved the ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’ tool for placing only some bars.

Allplan International

Elevation dimensioning created with particular elevation symbols including leader and dimension text above or below the leader in Allplan 2016 looks in Allplan 2017 as in the previous version.

Overview of release notes