Hotfix Allplan 2017-1-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

We improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.


The 'Import LandXML Data' tool (File menu - Import) is now generally available.
When you import project backups, the program now provides enough memory for data-intensive associative views.

Workgroup Manager
Users whose user folders are on the server can log out correctly.

Libraries - Python Parts
We improved Python Parts in various places.

bim+ interface
bim+ export is better and faster now .

SketchUp interface
Data of which the backup path or file name contains umlauts can be exported to the current SketchUp formats.

IFC4 interface
We improved export of walls intersecting downstand beams.

Draft, Text, Dimension Lines
You can use the ‘Fold Line’ tool to correctly edit polylines and drawing symbol lines even when the ‘Selection Option for Ambiguous Elements’ is selected.


Walls, Openings, Components
The program closes the ‘Wall’ dialog box faster when you open it using ‘Properties’ on the shortcut menu and click OK to close it again without changing anything.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
You can enter any values for attributes in cm² or m².


Bar Reinforcement
Using the 'Extrude Bars Along Path’ tool, you can enter any value for ‘Bar offset’ of ‘Transverse reinforcement’.
We improved the way the ‘Stretch Entities’ tool lengthens bars of span reinforcement. You can select several groups of bars using the brackets. Bars you edited in this manner will be rearranged correctly.
We improved the way the ‘Bar Shape’ tool matches edges for ‘Freeform’ bars.
Even when the 'Reinforce with 3D model’ option is not selected, you can match bars placed in polygon and then place these bars as points in the correct position.
Single placement of 2D reinforcement is correct if the viewing direction is set to the bar.
We improved the way the ‘Place Bar Shape’ tool places area reinforcement in 2D.