Hotfix Allplan 2018-0-1

Release Notes


We enhanced the 'Quality Reporter' program.

We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result Allplan is now more reliable.

After you had installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 1709), you could no longer open the Allplan help. This problem is solved by this hotfix.


You can activate the WIBU license using License Manager in the Services application without difficulty.

If you have problems with licensing, you can also use Hotinfo to communicate with Technical Support.

Data conversion

When you convert data from Allplan 2017 to Allplan 2018, you get correct IBD attributes for railings.

Data management (projects, drawing files and layouts)

Drawing files open faster if they include smart symbols with missing resources.

We enhanced switching from design mode to layout mode in various places. You can now do this more rapidly.

You can widen the ‘Teams’ column in the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box.

It is no longer possible to copy drawing files in the ‘Objects’ palette. Use the tools in ProjectPilot instead.

You can switch to layout editor more rapidly if an NDW window is open and the ‘Properties’ palette is on top.

Building structure

When you create a plane model using the wizard, Allplan enters the height settings correctly.

Allplan no longer issues a message when you create a building structure and switch between drawing files immediately afterwards.

Services application

After you have installed an IBD package, the Services application shows the ‘IBD’ menu for configuration. The corresponding ‘IBD_Res’ hotline tool is no longer available.

User interface

You can always use the ‘Objects’ palette, regardless of the license.

If your screen resolution is below the minimum required, onboarding issues a message. You can now close this message.

We rearranged some tools on the Actionbar and in the ‘Actionbar Configurator’ dialog box.


Flyout menus show the last tool selected on top if the ‘Show the last tool selected’ option is selected in ‘Customize User Interface’.

We enhanced the look of role icons and flyout icons.

We enhanced the positions of tools in the ‘Surroundings’ role. In particular, we adjusted the ‘Sections’ and ‘Reference’ task areas in the ‘Terrain’, ‘Site Plan’ and ‘Urban Planning’ tasks to the task areas of the other roles.

We enhanced the use of shortcut keys for activating tools with the Actionbar configuration.

Actionbar configurator

We adjusted the positions of task areas and tools in Layout Editor to those on the default Actionbar.


Allplan selects element groups with a lot of elements more rapidly.

We enhanced moving element groups using handles.

If you embed an Excel file as an OLE object in a layout, text in cells with fills is visible under Windows 10.

Allplan Share

Allplan projects you copy to Allplan Bimplus will be compressed in the temporary folder.

When you copy or move a project to Allplan Bimplus, resources in the office standard (STD) will be transferred correctly to Allplan Bimplus.

When you copy a project from a workstation under Workgroup Manager, the project attributes will be transferred correctly.

When you create reports derived from the building structure, Allplan Share includes all drawing files linked.

The ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box opens more rapidly with a lot of Bimplus projects. You can only see the creation date of the selected project.

When you copy a project to Allplan Bimplus, the plane model of this project will be transferred correctly.

Users with team administrator privileges can now use the ‘Administer Locking Information’ dialog box. In earlier versions, this dialog box was only available to team owners.

We enhanced compression of project data.

The project list updates when you import a compressed project in the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box.

Team administrators and team owners can use the DEL key to delete Allplan Share projects in the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box. Project editors do not have the required privileges.

Specific attributes (for example, of IBD) are now available in Allplan Share projects.

Workgroup Online

We enhanced switching from design mode to layout mode. The program now loads the Allplan_BIM_LayoutStructure.xml file.

If the height settings of planes differ from those of the parent structural level, you can see this immediately in the building structure.

Workgroup Manager

We enhanced deleting projects.

Compressed projects will be imported completely even when you change the project name.

Libraries - Python Parts

We enhanced Python Parts in various places.

Data exchange


The 'Import PDF Data' tool opens version 10 of Acrobat Reader.

Allplan Bimplus

Data including element groups and smart symbols that are linked or unlinked will be uploaded to Allplan Bimplus completely.


You can use the ‘Export IFC Data’ tool to export walls with fixtures.


You can use the ‘Export CPIXML Data’ tool to export general 3D solids converted to user-defined architectural elements.


Architectural sections and views

When you switch on and off the scale displayed for a section, the program does not change the text parameters.

When you update a layout, the program does not change views and sections in layout elements you copied or placed several times.

The ‘Filter by Fill’ tool also includes fill colors used in architectural sections and views.

When you create a section derived from the building structure, the program no longer takes pattern lines into account when calculating the section edges


We enhanced analyses of drawing file data including a lot of attributes. If there are more than 98 attributes, the program stops analyzing the data and issues a message.

You can open the ‘Modify Report’ tool on the ‘Change’ menu. Select ‘Bonus Tools’ - ‘Templates: Reports, Legends, Labels’.


After you have changed the attributes (for example, thickness) of a layer of a finishing surface in Excel, the ‘Import Attributes’ tool reimports the layer correctly to Allplan.

Like ‘Export Quantities Data’, the ‘Export Attributes’ tool starts MS Excel automatically (provided no other program is specified and Excel is installed).


Associative Views and Sections

We enhanced changing the properties of elements selected in associative views. In particular, this applies when you select ‘Shared element properties’ in the ‘Properties’ palette.

Bar Reinforcement

We enhanced the 'Check number of pieces for partial and full schemas’ tool. When you check linear placements with partial schemas (without a full schema), the program does not change the bars in the views even when the ‘Dimension line text’ label parameter is selected..

The ‘Interface to Bending Machine’ tool transfers the bending angles calculated to one decimal place to the ABS file.

You can use direct object modification to change the diameter of one bar in an associative view.

When you change the number of bars using ‘Modify Mark’, the new number will be taken into account by legends, which are not associative, and reports

2D reinforcement: If you ignore the number of pieces in ‘Special Placements’ - ‘Place in View’, the label still includes the correct number of pieces.