Hotfix Allplan 2018-0-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Converting data

We enhanced conversion of specific drawing files from Allplan 2017.

Managing data (projects, drawing files and layouts)

You can now process projects with project-specific attributes more rapidly.

Basic features

The shortcut menu of a circle includes the ‘Fillet’ tool.

When you select the ‘Copy and Rotate’ tool on the context toolbar while editing an element using direct object modification, it is possible to enter the number of copies.

The ‘Modify Offset’ tool detects lines or components in drawing files open in reference mode, using these lines or components as reference lines.

You can take text parameters from drawing files open in reference mode.

If the background color of the viewport is black, texts you modify using ‘Edit Text’ are visible in the editor.
The program snaps to reference points of dimension lines.

Allplan Share

When you select ‘Last opened’ in the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box, the Bimplus login no longer opens multiple times before the project list opens.

If another user has created a project on Bimplus or linked a project with Bimplus, you can now press the F5 key to update the project list in the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box.

When you copy or move projects to Bimplus, the program updates the project list, adding new projects to the project list.

By clicking the ‘Settings’ icon in the ‘Task Board’ palette, you open the ‘Settings for ...’ dialog box. The title bar of this dialog box now displays the project name instead of the internal project ID.

When you create a new project by clicking ‘New’ on the welcome screen and save this project on Bimplus, you can now choose to open the Bimplus project administration to define the project users, for example. This is the same as opening the Bimplus project administration from the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box.

The ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box displays the ‘Created on’ attribute for projects.

The program checks the user rights when you invite users to a project on Bimplus. Project viewers (who are not authorized to edit a project) can no longer see the teams.

The shortcut menu for showing Bimplus server files lists file attachments too.

You can now copy a local project to Bimplus and create a new Bimplus project at the same time. The program no longer issues a message even when the project is very large.

You can use the ‘< Back’ button to correct entries while creating a new Bimplus project without a project template.

When you select ‘Allplan logging (trace)’ - ‘Write to Allplan.out file’ in the Services application, the program now logs the time too. This helps technical support handle requests concerning Allplan Share and Workgroup Online.

Workgroup Online

The last project you selected is marked the next time you open the ‘New Project, Open Project’ dialog box.

When you delete plane models using ‘Floor Manager’, the program deletes the associated XML-files from the local file storage and the FTP server too.

You can now assign a building structure from a template in a Workgroup Online project without a building structure.

The ‘Locking Info Administration’ tool for unlocking online projects lists locking info of all drawing files.

Libraries - Python Parts

We enhanced Python Parts in various places.


You can copy layouts of a layout structure and then use ‘Paste under’ to insert these layouts with different layout numbers in the same layout structure.

User interface

We enhanced the ‘Task Board’ palette, making it react more rapidly to entries.


We rearranged some tools on the Actionbar and in the ‘Actionbar Configurator’ dialog box.

We enhanced the flyout icons of the last tools you selected in minimized task areas.

Flyouts always open so that you can access all tools without difficulty.

You can minimize a floating Actionbar. However, it always includes at least the three icons at top right.

We rearranged the tools and renamed the tasks in the ‘Technical Building Equipment’ role.

Actionbar Configurator: Task areas and tools are sorted alphabetically in all languages.

Data exchange

Allplan Bimplus

A user can log in to Bimplus only once. The second time this user logs in to Bimplus (for example, at home), the program cancels the first login (for example, at the office) automatically.


We enhanced IFC4 export of specific profiles as IFCBeam or IFCMember object types.


We enhanced PDF export of several layouts under Windows 7.


We enhanced data exchange with Nevaris using the ‘Quantities.rdlc’ report.


The program no longer copies and inserts window SmartParts automatically in openings with specific line styles or area styles.

When you delete individual layers from multilayer finishing surfaces, the ‘Room’ dialog box updates the attributes correctly.

Architectural sections and views

Using the ‘Generate section’ palette, you can define a heading preceding the section identifier. The program displays this heading even when you take the section parameters from an existing section.

When you switch on and off the scale displayed for a section, the program does not change the text parameters.


You export data using ‘Export Attributes’ and then change the XML file by setting some attributes to values that have not been saved as proposed values yet. When you import the data using ‘Import Attributes’, the program displays all values correctly.



You can now select the ‘Location’ in the ‘Surroundings’ tool without any problems.


‘Extrude Along Path’ behaves in the same way as in earlier versions.

‘Rotate’ lets you use a part of the outline as the axis of rotation.


Associative views and sections

When you move a section created with ‘Section Along Curve’, the clipping line does not move.

Bar Reinforcement

The associative ‘Bar schedule - bending shapes’ legend updates automatically when you create 2D reinforcement.

If some marks are placed multiple times, the ‘Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes - summary.rdlc’ report analyzes these marks correctly.

You can use handles to change the bar diameter.

When you create 2D reinforcement and switch off the ‘Add number’ option, the ‘Dimension line, Label’ tool labels the 2D reinforcement correctly.

When you place 2D reinforcement in point mode and then change the bar length, legends and reports analyze the 2D reinforcement correctly.

Precast Elements

Planbar starts more rapidly on computers running Windows 7.

Allplan International


You can use Python Parts even when the data paths include Chinese characters.

Czech Republic

You can take Python Parts from the ‘PP Editor’ folder and place them in the drawing file.