Hotfix Allplan 2018-0-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.


This hotfix updates WIBU licensing to version 6.60.

Building structure

You can assign and save planes to structural levels when creating or editing a building structure.

Managing data (projects, drawing files and layouts)

You can process projects with project-specific attributes even more rapidly.


Allplan Share

After having linked and unlinked Bimplus projects, you can link these Bimplus projects with Allplan again without seeing a message.

Workgroup Manager, Workgroup Online

We enhanced the upload of workgroup online projects. The ‘associations.dat’ message is not displayed anymore.

Both users in a workgroup environment and users in a workgroup online environment working together on a compressed project can open drawing files without difficulty.

When both users in a workgroup environment and users in a workgroup online environment work together on a project, the users in the workgroup environment can see which drawing files are open in the workgroup online environment. Active drawing files can only be opened in reference mode.

Libraries - Python Parts

We enhanced Python Parts in various places.

We updated some of the PythonParts that come with the program.

When you change the geometry of PythonParts with reinforcement, the program also updates the weight displayed in the palette.


You can create dimension lines based on existing dimension lines in reference drawing files.


User-defined layout attributes with umlauts are displayed correctly.

When moving layout elements, you can define the target point by entering values in the ‘dX’ box in the dialog line.

We enhanced output of large-format layouts via Canon IPF 720 and IPF 765. The outer line at the bottom of the layout border is included in printouts.

Data Exchange

Allplan Bimplus
The program creates and updates materials correctly when uploading data from Allplan to Bimplus.

IFC4 export no longer crashes.


We enhanced the selection preview of some smart symbols with element groups.

The dialog line no longer flickers while you are drawing walls.

When you delete individual layers from multilayer finishing surfaces, the ‘Room’ dialog box updates the attributes correctly.

When you click ‘Off’, the program deletes neither the thickness nor the factor of vertical surfaces and finishing surfaces but resets the thickness and factor of these surfaces to 0. For example, this is useful for including rooms in wizards.

Views, Sections

‘Restore 3D View’ with the ‘Recreate’ option: When you include a section object in the selection, the program no longer deletes the section.

We enhanced the look of smart window symbols and window SmartParts in sections.


When you copy components belonging to a wall (such as openings), the program neither selects nor copies the wall label (label style).


We enhanced the import of attributes for vertical surfaces from project templates.

Attributes of AX 3000 MEP components you exported from Allplan using ‘Export Attributes' and edited in MS Excel can be imported correctly using ‘Import Attributes'.

The IFC attribute group includes three new default attributes: "OmniClass number", "OmniClass title" and "UniClass number". You can enter 60 characters for each attribute.

When importing large volumes of attribute data using ‘Import Attributes’, you can skip the new dialog box for comparing changes, thus speeding up the import.

‘Modify Attributes’ displays proposed values correctly.

You can ‘Undo’ attribute assignments you imported using ‘Import Attributes’.

When you upload data to or download data from Bimplus, the program transfers the ‘building alteration’ attribute values correctly.

Attributes of single-layer finishing surfaces you exported from Allplan using ‘Export Attributes' and changed in MS Excel can be imported correctly using ‘Import Attributes'.


‘3D Curve from Axis and Gradient’ matches station points correctly even when you open this tool straight from the Actionbar.

We enhanced point snap for 3D objects in sections.


Mesh Reinforcement

We enhanced analyses of meshes in drawing files you created in Allplan 2017 and converted to the current version. The ‘Mesh cutting diagram’ report and non-associative legend include the correct number of mesh pieces intersected by recesses.

Bar Reinforcement

You can ‘Copy and Mirror’ reinforcing bar marks in sections.

When you create 2D reinforcing bars per meter in point mode and then change the bar length, legends and reports analyze the changed length correctly.

Allplan International

The international versions of the ‘Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes - summary’ and ‘Reinforcement - overview’ reports analyze the number of marks correctly.