Hotfix Allplan 2018-0-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.


When you exit Allplan, the program saves the most recent configuration of the user interface to the ‘LastConfiguration_2018.ubx’ file in the local user folder.


Allplan Share

You can use ‘Rename’ to delete the name of empty drawing files.

Libraries - Python Parts

We enhanced Python Parts in various places. 

You can edit PythonParts with fixtures.

You can use UNC paths in PythonPart files.


You can save a layout structure as a favorite.

Data Exchange

Allplan Bimplus

The export of multi-layer walls from Allplan to Bimplus is now in compliance with IFC.


We enhanced the ‘3D Curve from Axis and Gradient’ tool. You can now use a composite element for the axis and a polyline for the gradient.


Mesh Reinforcement

The ‘Mesh reinforcement.rdlc’ report includes and analyzes the number of bars you changed using ‘Modify Mark’.

Bar Reinforcement

After you have moved some bars in a placement, the ‘Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes’ report and ‘Bar schedule - bending shapes’ legend, which is not associative, output the number of bars correctly.

Allplan International

British Standard

When you set BS 8666 for calculating the bar length and mesh length, the program calculates the bar length of area reinforcement correctly in labels and schemas.

When you make changes, the program always updates the bar length in labels and schemas correctly.

The ‘Reinforcement schedule - British Standard‘ (English) and ‘Stabliste British Standard‘ (German) reports analyze the total bar length correctly. Reports in other languages will be included in the next Hotfix.


You can select Python Parts in the project library even if the project name includes Chinese characters.