Hotfix Allplan 2018-0-5

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Installation, Licensing

This hotfix updates WIBU licensing to version 6.60a.


You can use the ‘Export Quantities Data’ tool (‘File’ menu – ‘Export’) in the private project.

The ‘With comparison dialog’ option is no longer selected by default. You can find this option in the ’Import Attributes’ and ‘Import Quantities Data’ tools. This speeds up import, as the dialog box can take some time to open, in particular with large projects.


The ARCHITECTURE - Room category includes two new layers: RO_RO2 (other rooms) and RO_STOR2 (other stories).

Allplan Share, Workgroup Online

We enhanced Allplan Share, making it more reliable. In addition, Allplan Share now runs faster.

You can use a local data path with more than 80 characters.

Libraries - PythonParts

We enhanced Python Parts in various places.


We sped up and enhanced export of layouts including voluminous bitmap areas. In particular, this applies when the quality of bitmaps is set to low.

Specific layout elements with fixtures load as rapidly as in earlier versions.

Data Exchange

Allplan Bimplus

Import ignores Bimplus attributes that cannot be processed by Allplan. Consequently, Allplan no longer issues messages indicating this.

User Interface

The ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ comes with new features..


Responding to customer feedback, we adjusted the positions of tools on the Actionbar.

The tools in the ‘Quick Access’ task area change with the task, adapting to the task at hand.

You can set the spacing between the icons using the ‘Customize’ dialog box - ‘Actionbar’ tab.


We enhanced the use of 3D splines as paths in ‘Sweep Path’.



The ‘TBM’ attribute groups are visible again.


The preview includes the correct ‘Unit’ set in the ‘Options’ - ‘Reinforcement’ - ‘Label’.

Bar Reinforcement

2D area reinforcement: After you have placed bars as points in a section, you can place a copied bar using the ‘Place Bar Shape’ tool.

After you have applied the ‘Stretch Entities’ tool, the program correctly updates the labels of 2D bars placed linearly in point mode.

After you have modified a placement using handles, you can use ‘Modify Placement Display Mode’ without any problems.

If several instances of area reinforcement include the same mark, reports and non-associative legends output the length of the mark correctly as a number.

Reports and non-associative legends output the values of bars placed in polygon correctly.

Reports and non-associative legends output reinforcement from version 2016 and earlier correctly when you placed the reinforcement per meter and changed its length afterwards.

We updated and enhanced BARON-C couplers.

BARON-C end anchorage couplers of type E come with correct short texts and long texts. We corrected the additional bar of 40 mm.

We corrected the ‘Short name’ parameter of the BARON-C end anchorage coupler of type AF with a diameter of 30 mm.

Mesh Reinforcement

After you have deleted a placement, reports and legends still include bent-up meshes of which you have created a schema and changed the number of pieces using ‘Modify Mark’.

Allplan International


Loops of reinforcement meshes are visible in cross-section catalogs, isometric views and animation.


All Dutch reports are available after installation.