Hotfix Allplan 2018-1-2

Release Notes

Note: We strongly recommend that you only install the Allplan 2018-1-2 hotfix together with the Allplan 2018-1-3 hotfix.


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

You can use Allplan with a user folder on OneDrive. However, Allplan neither saves the Allplan user folder to OneDrive nor synchronizes the Allplan user folder with OneDrive. Instead, Allplan uses the default user folder.

Allplan positions and displays OLE objects correctly.


This hotfix updates WIBU licensing to version 6.60b.

Layout structure

After you have saved a new or modified layout structure as a layout structure favorite, Allplan displays the changes in the ‘Open on a Project-Specific Basis: Layouts’ dialog box.

Basic Features


You can place any section as a layout element in a layout.

User Interface


We rearranged the tools on the Actionbar in various places.

A custom Actionbar that was loaded before you installed this hotfix is still visible after you have installed this hotfix. Allplan saves this custom Actionbar even when you open and then cancel Actionbar Configurator without saving the configuration.

Actionbar Configurator

Actionbar Configurator opens more rapidly.

When importing custom roles, Allplan keeps the role icon you assigned to this role.

When importing custom Actionbar templates, you can choose to import the fixed (gray) task area, thus overwriting the existing area.

You cannot save an Actionbar configuration if both the fixed task area and the variable task area are empty. You will see an appropriate message.


Allplan Share

When opening a project, Allplan checks the version of the project. If the project comes from a newer version, you will see an appropriate message.

The dialog box for selecting drawing files opens more rapidly.

Allplan Share, Workgroup Online

We enhanced and sped up data management of locked projects; ProjectPilot opens more rapidly.

Workgroup Online

The local data path can be up to 80 characters long (similar to Allplan Share).

Allplan Bimplus

We enhanced automatic login to Bimplus, which you can activate by selecting the ‘Keep me signed in’ option.

AutoCAD interface

Allplan does not transfer bitmap areas when the ‘Image’ option is switched off in the ‘Transfer elements’ area on the ‘Advanced Setting’ tab in the ‘Settings’ dialog box.

You can export drawing files including SmartParts with IBD surfaces to DWG format.

The ‘Degenerated elements’ option no longer causes problems during export.

DGN interface (MicroStation)

When exporting DGN data, you can use configuration files from earlier Allplan versions.

You can use a Seed file to export layouts to DGN format.

Allplan correctly reimport layouts in DGN format you exported using a Seed file.

IFC interface

IFC4 import transfers layers.

We enhanced export of IfcProperties. Allplan now exports properties with more than 1000 characters.

We enhanced IFC export of multi-layer walls including openings with facing. Allplan transfers the opening size correctly.

We enhanced IFC 2x3 import and IFC4 import of block foundations, strip foundations and slab foundations. Allplan now transfers more information.

During IFC 4 import, all foundation subtypes that are not supported directly by Allplan will be imported as foundations of the ‘any 3D foundation’ type.

We enhanced IFC import of profile walls created in ArchiCAD.

We enhanced IFC 4 import of solids (CSG).

We enhanced IFC import of grouped elements.

Allplan imports openings of the ProvisionForVoid IFC object subtype as smart symbols.

IFC export includes IFC attributes of TBM macros created with AX 3000 (ESS).

We enhanced import of downstand beams and upstand beams. Allplan no longer changes the positions of these beams.



We enhanced PythonParts in various places.

We enhanced PythonParts with fixtures.

When you change a PythonPart, all changes are visible in associative views.

When exporting PythonParts, Allplan does not change the case.


When you create hidden line images of SmartParts, Allplan displays 3D lines in the correct color.


Drawing files including rooms with finish specifications open more rapidly.


The ‘Attribute Selection’ dialog box does not change positions.

Since Allplan 2018-1-1, attribute default value files (ASW) have been saved in UCS-2 LE format. These files support umlauts and special characters. You need to convert ASW files from earlier versions manually; however, this only applies to layout attributes.

We enhanced export of rooms with the ‘Export Attributes’ tool.

Building Alteration

We enhanced assignment of the new ‘Temporary’ building alteration category.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync

The program correctly takes the parameters from existing rooms when you create new Allfa rooms. Replication is correct.

We enhanced favorites including parameters of rooms with finish specifications and finish elements (vertical surface, ceiling, floor and baseboard) including Allfa attributes. This applies to both saving and loading these favorites. Replication is correct.

We enhanced the ‘Release FM View’ tool. Before you select this tool, you need to set all layers used to visible. Otherwise, you will see an appropriate message.


Engineering Structures

We enhanced the 'Section Along Curve’ tool, which now displays imprecise 3D solids too.

Allplan Bridge

This hotfix updates the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in.