Hotfix Allplan 2018-1-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

User Interface

Actionbar Configurator

We enhanced creation of new roles so that you can create as many roles as possible.

The preview on the ‘Manage roles’ tab is always visible even after you have removed all roles.

Basic Features

Element group

Allplan selects 3D surfaces in element groups more rapidly.


AutoCAD interface

Allplan uses the correct coordinates to import 3D objects from a DWG file when a project offset is set.

Bimplus interface

We enhanced import of Allplan data with smart symbol groups.

We enhanced import of walls with openings from Allplan to Bimplus.

IFC interface

IFC export of smart symbols considers visibility of foils. Foils that are visible neither in 2D nor in 3D will not be transferred.

IFC export includes the ‘lintel’ architectural element.

We enhanced IFC export of reinforcement with sleeves. IFC export now includes the sleeves.

We enhanced import of IFC data to Allplan. IFC import now includes solids of the ‘standard case’ type, such as IfcStandardWallCase.

IFC4 import of block foundations transfers layers correctly.

We enhanced IFC4 import of block foundations. Allplan detects the geometry of a chamfered foundation, setting the outline accordingly.

Layer assignment does not change when you export walls, windows and smart window symbols with their own layers from Allplan to IFC format and re-import the IFC file to Allplan afterwards.



The ‘Visualize Surface Elements’ tool displays areas with conditions correctly.


We enhanced creation of rooms with room favorites. Allplan applies finishing surfaces even if you have not defined any finishing surfaces in the ‘Room’ dialog box.



The ‘Net floor areas - overview.rdlc‘ report in the DIN 277 folder lists all the rooms with their names.

Views, Sections

All views and sections keep their labels when you recalculate a section using the ‘Recreate’ option of the ‘Restore 3D View’ tool.

Associative sections with PythonParts update correctly when you change something.

Sections keep the ‘from layer’ setting of components with the ‘Style Area’ surface element, displaying the intersected areas correctly.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync

Several computers in a workgroup access different drawing files of the same fileset. This fileset is still available when one of these computers unlinks an FM view.



When you transfer data to the bending machine, Allplan includes reinforcing bars that come from an earlier version.

When you transfer data to the bending machine, Allplan does not include 2D reinforcement with the ‘Ignore number’ setting.

Allplan Bridge

This hotfix updates the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in.

Plug-ins and Add-ons

AX 3000

Fittings created with the AX 3000 plug-in can now be edited more easily. In addition, we enhanced point snap and representation of these fittings in views and sections.

Allplan International


The ‘Element Filter’ dialog box is displayed correctly.