Hotfix Allplan 2018-1-5

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

User Interface


When you set the license back to active after using Allplan in viewer mode, the Actionbar also returns to active mode.

Actionbar Configurator

We enhanced the dialog box for closing Actionbar Configurator. ‘Yes’ (Save) is now set by default. When you click the new ‘Cancel’ button, the Configurator stays open and you can continue to work.

Basic Features

Data and project management

Drawing files created in Allplan 2016 can be opened by Allplan 2018.

The ‘associations.dat’ file in the project folder saves the links between drawing files. We enhanced the way Allplan processes the ‘associations.dat’ file. Now all links will be read correctly even if a link is incorrect.

We enhanced the ‘Compress and export project’ tool on the shortcut menu of projects: You can now see how much data have been compressed; the *.ZIP extension is preset for the exported file.

Building structure

Allplan correctly saves changes in objects derived from the building structure, such as different source drawing files for reports.


You can copy several drawing files with different reference scales to empty drawing files. Each target drawing file includes the correct reference scale of the original.


Allplan Share

A dialog box opens when you upload models to Bimplus. This dialog box provides additional information for selecting drawing files for synchronization.

When you change a drawing file with an associative view or section, the linked drawing files will be loaded correctly, changed and updated in the shared project. The locking info of the drawing files will also update correctly.


The owner of a project can create user-defined attributes even if the owner is not the administrator of the project.

Bimplus interface

We enhanced export from Allplan to Bimplus and upload of changed data as revision data.

We enhanced import of Allplan data with large coordinates to Bimplus.

DXF/DWG interface

When you import a DWG file from Allplan to AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2019 no longer issues a message announcing that the file comes from an Autodesk student version.



We enhanced PythonParts in various places.

We enhanced handling of the PythonParts palette.

Views, Sections

Allplan quickly deletes a leader in a drawing file with a view or section (associativity off) when you use the layer of the leader as a filter.

Associative sections retain all elements when you edit the original elements using ‘Delete Duplicates’.


Bar Reinforcement

The ‘Quantities.rdlc’ report (Allplan BCM folder) analyzes reinforcement correctly.

The placement is visible after direct object modification of 2D reinforcement.

We enhanced the ‘Align’ placement of bars created as freeform bars.

Allplan Bridge

This hotfix updates the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in.

Precast Elements

After you have canceled the ‘Element Plan’ tool, you can select other tools.

We enhanced transfer of detailed drawing files.

FF Components

The ‘FF Components’ tool will not be available in Allplan 2019. When you open this tool, you will see a message advising you to use PythonParts instead.

Concrete Construction - 3D Object

The ‘Concrete Construction - 3D Object’ tool will not be available in Allplan 2019. When you open this tool, you will see a message advising you to use PythonParts instead.

Allplan International


The ‘Customize’ dialog box - ‘Actionbar’ tab opens without an error message.