Hotfix Allplan 2018-1-6

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.


This hotfix sets WIBU licensing to version 6.60b.

Basic Features

Data conversion

We enhanced data conversion of drawing files from earlier versions. In particular, this applies to drawing files including components with openings. The ‘Restore 3D View’ tool with the ‘Recreate’ option works correctly.

Selecting drawing files and layouts

The ‘Open on a project-specific basis: layouts’ dialog box opens faster with local projects.


Workgroup Online

When you open projects on an online server and remove locking info, Allplan identifies and selects the drive of the local data path.

Allplan Share

You can save the building structure of an Allplan Share project locally as a favorite file, for example, on the desktop.



We enhanced PythonParts in various places.



In specific cases, you may not be able to enter openings in walls. Allplan issues a message from which you can start correction.

Curved walls with openings you copied multiple times can be selected again.


Usable floor area (UA 1-7) based on the old DIN 277 standard will be assigned correctly to rooms.


We enhanced the ‘Redefine Rooms, Surfaces, Stories’ tool. You can now assign a ‘Surface (animation)’ to several stories with multilayer vertical coverings in a single operation.


The ‘Gross cubic content, dimensions’ report correctly analyzes the DIN 277 factor.


The ‘Update Labels’ tool is faster.

Views and Sections

Labels in views and sections do not change when you switch between drawing files.


We enhanced analyses of reinforcing bars and meshes by the ‘Allplan BCM - Quantities.rdlc’ report.

Bar Reinforcement

After changes, bars placed with ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’ will be updated and displayed correctly.

Changing the diameter of a bar using ‘Modify Mark’ does not affect the selected placement display.

Spiral reinforcement can be created, copied and edited faster.

Products, Manufacturers

PART Community

We updated the URL used in the ‘PART online catalog’ tool.

Allplan International


Mesh labels according to Dutch standard will be updated correctly.