Hotfix Allplan 2019-0-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Allplan Performance Diagnostics

We enhanced diagnostics in various places.

User Interface

We updated the hyperlinks on the Allplan Welcome Screen. The hyperlinks now open the current web pages with the new features.

Actionbar Configurator

You can import and save roles provided by plug-ins without any problems.

Basic Features

The ‘Copy, Move Elements between Documents’ tool - ‘All’ option copies data with reinforcement, views and sections to another drawing file without any problems.

We enhanced the ‘Show/Hide’ tool - ‘Colored reinforcement in plan view’ option for views and sections.

The ‘Open on a project-specific basis: drawing files’ dialog box no longer highlights drawing file names in red.

Dimensioning, Labeling

You can now apply the ‘Check Dimensions’ tool to views and sections too.


We enhanced selection of library elements saved in projects. Now all projects are available for selection.


We enhanced PythonParts in various places.

New or modified PythonParts can again be saved as symbols and placed in a drawing file.

We enhanced the PythonPart for the wall foundation. Now it expands correctly.

Nemetschek profile catalog

When importing profiles, Allplan now transfers attributes such as the section name as Allplan attributes.


Allplan Share

When you copy projects in Allplan Share, the planes assigned in the building structure remain unchanged.

When you upload data to Bimplus, layout attributes you changed will be updated correctly.

Allplan now checks the version of a Share project for standalone installations too, issuing a message for projects from earlier versions.

You can now find an ‘Info’ button in the ‘Synchronize drawing files’ area of the ‘Upload Model to Bimplus’ dialog box. This button provides information on automatic synchronization, telling you when it makes sense to synchronize the drawing files automatically. You can speed up your workflow when you do not synchronize all drawing files automatically all the time.

You can no longer use the shortcut menu to select locked or current layouts in the ‘Open on a project-specific basis: layouts’ dialog box in a Share project.


You can now work faster in a workgroup environment.

Working on international projects

We enhanced installation and use of country packages.

We enhanced startup of Allplan with country packages.

When you switch from a country-specific project to a project of another country, Allplan now uses the trades of the other country.

When you switch from a country-specific project to a project of another country, Allplan now uses the standards of the other country for the room attributes.

When you create a country-specific project, Allplan now takes the line types and pen thicknesses from the country-specific standard.

When you create a country-specific Allplan Share project without a project template, Allplan now uses the appropriate engineering standard.

When you work on a country-specific project, Allplan offers the appropriate country-specific wizards.

IFC interface

Allplan exports the IfcDate attribute in the required format. This attribute can be processed by viewers.

Allplan exports slabs with advanced Base Quantities to IFC format.

The export log includes grids.

When exporting components with different units using the ‘Base Quantities’ option, Allplan now uses the main unit for export.

We enhanced export of cylinders to IFC format.

We enhanced export of IBD data to IFC.

Allplan exports all multi-layer walls with facing in a leaf to IFC format even when the ‘Split multi-layer components’ option is selected.

Allplan cannot transfer Base Quantities when a resizing factor is set for export. In this case, the ‘Transfer quantity data’ option is not available on the ‘Advanced options’ tab.

We sped up import and export of 3D solids delimited by curves.

You can now use filters when you create favorites for IFC4 import.

We enhanced import of polar axis grids.

We enhanced import of bar reinforcement with specific bars and stirrups.

We enhanced import of ceiling surfaces and multi-layer floor surfaces (ifcCoverings).

Bimplus interface

We enhanced login to Bimplus using the ‘Task Board’ palette.

AutoCAD interface

We enhanced import of DWG data including dimensions with several decimal places.

We enhanced export of elements with reinforcement, views and sections to DWG format.

We enhanced export of dimension text to DWG format.

We enhanced export of resolved layouts to DWG format.



When you change the height settings, a reference surface that takes its height settings from the lower default reference plane will change too.

You can now change plane models in projects with more than one plane model without any problems.

You can choose any name for the ground floor in the ‘Planes’ palette.

Allplan correctly calculates components having exactly the same outline as the reference surface used for height definition.


You can edit strip foundations without any problems.


We enhanced the ‘Offset at bottom’ setting for openings in multi-layer walls. The floor of the room finish extends correctly into the window niche or door niche.


Label styles can again be created with attributes in elevation format.


We enhanced the ‘Doors (details).rdlc’ report in the ‘Finish’ - ‘Windows, Doors’ folder.

Views and sections

You can now choose the appropriate input options when you place a symbol with views and sections.

Allplan displays the clipping line correctly when you modify the components in a section created via the building structure.

We enhanced the way the conventional ‘associative views’ and the new views and sections interact.


Bar Reinforcement

We removed unnecessary prompts, thus speeding up the workflow.

The setting of the ‘Bar length, mesh length’ option (‘Options’ - ‘Reinforcement’ - ‘Label’) remains unchanged even when you open and close the ‘Length’ setting in the ‘Properties’ palette without changing anything.

Using the ‘Auto’ option in the ‘Reinforcement Tools’, you can now dimension and label placements automatically in a view without any problems.

Area reinforcement created in a project with rotated plan view can be saved as a symbol and placed at the correct angle in a drawing file.

Area reinforcement with labeling saved as a symbol can be placed correctly in a drawing file or custom NDW.

The label updates correctly when you change the diameter of a single placement per meter.

We enhanced the ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’ tool.

We enhanced circular reinforcement created with the ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’ and ‘Circular Reinforcement’ tools.

All engineering packages include the ‘Extrude Bars Along Path’ and ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’ tools.

You can again change the placement display of reinforcement created with ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’.

The label remains unchanged when you place stirrups using ‘Sweep Bars Along Path’.

Using the ‘Expand to adapt to edges’ option, you can create bars in views and sections without any problems.

Allplan updates the reinforcement when you make changes in the ‘Properties’ palette.

You can place bars created with ‘Bar Shape’ without any problems.

You can now use sloping edges for the stirrup shape when you create open stirrups using the ‘Bar Shape’ tool and the ‘Expand to adapt to edges’ option.

The data entry boxes and buttons are visible again when you modify 2D reinforcement using direct object modification.

Mesh Reinforcement

A mesh placement created in a project with rotated plan view can be saved as a symbol and placed in a drawing file.

Meshes you copied can again be edited with the ‘Stretch Entities’ tool.

We enhanced the look of mesh placements in isometric view.

Using the clipboard, you can copy meshes from the model view to an empty drawing file.

You can again place meshes you have already placed.

Reinforcement couplers

The article catalog of the manufacturer-independent coupling system ‘Coupler’ is now available both in English and in German.
Note: After you have installed this hotfix, ‘German’ is not available as a language for ‘Coupler’. If you want to use the German article catalog, you must download the full installation package of Allplan 2019-0-1 Release from Allplan Connect - Support - Downloads. When installing, you must select the ‘Coupler’ entry in ‘Manufacturer-specific office data’.

Plug-in programs

Allplan Bridge

This hotfix updates the ‘Allplan Bridge’ plug-in.

Technical Building Management

We enhanced the way Allplan processes AX 3000 data.

Allplan International

Slovakia, Czech Republic

We corrected and updated the project templates.