Hotfix Allplan 2019-0-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Basic Features

Open on a Project-Specific Basis

Drawing files open faster.


The country you select for country-specific project templates when creating a new project is now set by default in the ‘Additional Settings’ dialog box.


Workgroup Online

You can rename projects.

Workgroup Manager

You can again check out computers.



The height settings of architectural objects that take their heights from reference surfaces do not change when you modify the format properties using the ‘Properties’ palette.


The common properties of layers in a multi-layer wall are displayed correctly in the ‘Properties’ palette.

Views and Sections

You can enter the section direction correctly using rotated crosshairs.

We enhanced the way conventional ‘associative views’ and ‘new’ views and sections interact in the same project.


You can move the bending shape together with the mesh schema.

Allplan marks the reinforcement correctly when you use the ‘Modify Mark’ tool to get information on marks.


Bar Reinforcement

You can use the ‘Modify Mark’ tool to correctly edit 2D reinforcement created from design entities using the ‘Convert, Match Elements’ tool. In doing so, you do not lose data.

The number of bars in the label does not change when you switch number off management to ‘Ignore number’ for 2D reinforcement with the bending shape being displayed in the label.

The ‘Place Bar Shape’ - ‘Linear placement’ palette is now easier to use.

We enhanced the ‘Place Bar Shape’ - ‘Single placement’ tool for placing several straight bars as points one after the other in a stirrup.

We enhanced the ‘Modify Mark’ tool for single bars without placements.

You can use the ‘Modify Placing Geometry’ tool to correctly edit bar reinforcement created with ‘Enter Area Reinforcement’ - ‘Secondary Reinforcement’ and labeled with the ‘Comb’ setting.

We enhanced the manufacturer-independent coupling system in various places.

You can now use the ‘Lap joint to coupler connection’ and ‘Split bars and create coupler connection’ tools with the manufacturer-independent coupling system too.

Area Reinforcement

We enhanced ‘Area detection’ for area reinforcement with bars and meshes.

If Allplan finds a room when you click a slab to define the view for area reinforcement with bars and meshes, this room no longer affects the ‘Layer depth’ and ‘Component thickness’ settings of the reinforcement.

We enhanced the ‘Create Excel List’ tool for reinforcement elements.



You can again open and edit digital terrain models with more than 250 points.