Hotfix Allplan 2019-0-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Basic features

Layout editor

When you clicked “Undo” after having started Allplan, the labels disappeared from the title block in a layout that you had created using “Set Up Page”. We also solved this issue for projects you created with Allplan 2018-1-7 or earlier.

The eye point and target point do not change in layout elements that you open using “Edit Drawing Files”. You can again print or export these layouts to PDF format.

Changing text

When you use “Edit Text” to change a text in an element group, you can use “Match and paste text” to match the text of another element group.

User interface

“Properties” palette

When you double-click a text for modification, the “Properties” palette displays the “Text” object correctly.


Allplan Share, Bimplus

You can work with reference drawing files in the local data path on the server without any problems.

Bimplus interface

Bimplus correctly uploads and displays a roof covering that you changed in Allplan.

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC4 export for splitting multilayer walls and finish specifications.

We enhanced IFC4 export of finish specifications with conditions.

We enhanced IFC export of rafters in associative views and sections.

We enhanced IFC4 export of stairs, doors and windows. You can now assign the superordinate definition of IfcBuildingElementProxy to these elements.

We enhanced IFC import of data with multiple nested IfcElementAssemblies.

Multilayer walls that are split into individual layers and exported as individual walls to the IFC format will be re-imported as multilayer walls to Allplan, instead of user-defined architectural elements.

AutoCAD interface

We enhanced import of DWG files with fills.

“Label” task


When you create text using “Horizontal Text” or “Vertical Text”, you can use “Match text format” to match the text parameters of a reinforcement label.



We enhanced PythonParts in various places.



When you select the Enter key to confirm an unchanged value in the “Height” box in the “Properties” dialog box of components, the value remains unchanged.

You can use the “Properties” palette to modify columns of freeform outline without any problems.

Components that you create using “Rabbet” and attach to default planes or reference planes update correctly when you change the height settings of these planes.

Views and sections

We enhanced the preview for copying and moving sections.

You can move bar reinforcement in sections without any problems.

You can copy and paste text faster when several reinforcement drawing files including views and sections are open in edit mode.

When you create a “Section along Curve” of a 2D polyline, congruent elements are listed with their correct names in the dialog box for selection.

Associative reinforcement no longer appears in the new views and sections.

Drawing files including associative sections can be opened and closed faster.

We enhanced the “Use current layer setting” option of the layer filter. This option also applies to visible edges and hidden edges if the layer of these edges is different from the layer of the model.


Bar reinforcement

When you place bars individually as 2D area reinforcement, copy these bars and then place them as a “Single Placement” using “Place Bar Shape”, Allplan no longer changes the component factor automatically to 0.

When you create bars as points in 2D, you can again use the “Place Bar Shape” tool to place these bars in a bar-based manner.

Direct object modification of reinforcement is faster in projects including many linked drawing files.

Direct object modification of reinforcement is faster in associative views.

You can rearrange reinforcement in views and sections without any problems.

When you change the length of a bar, the partial schema displays the length of this bar correctly.

When you enter a freeform bar in a front view, Allplan applies the values that you enter for segments in the z-direction correctly.

When you analyze bars using reports and legends, Allplan no longer considers reinforcement models in reference drawing files or reinforcement models that are linked with views and sections.

The “Bar schedule - bending shapes” legend always considers the factor for bars placed per meter in views and sections.

We enhanced the information about the steel grade for BS8666 and SANS282.

Area reinforcement (reinforcing bars and meshes)

When you define the “layer depth” of area reinforcement in views and sections, Allplan calculates and applies this value correctly.

Mesh reinforcement

We enhanced the representation of bent-up meshes placed linearly in 2D.

You can use “Stretch Entities” to change the length of a mesh without any problems.

The layer of the mesh overlap does not change when you modify views and sections.

We enhanced analyses of meshes by the non-associative “Mesh schedule - bending shapes” legend.

Screw connections and couplers

We enhanced the manufacturer-independent coupling system in various places.

We enhanced the “Annahuette – SAS Systems” system in various places.

We enhanced the configuration files of ReidBar couplers.

Due to different steel grades, we changed the names of the Halfen connecting bars.

Note: After you have installed this hotfix, the changes in these systems are not available yet. If you want to use the changed systems, you must download the full installation package of Allplan 2019-0-4 Release from “Allplan Connect - Support - Downloads”. When installing, you must select the “Custom” setup type and then the “SAH”, “ReidBar”, “Halfen HBS-05”, and “Coupler” entries in “Manufacturer-specific office data”.


When you import fixtures including reinforcement with 2D elements, Allplan places these 2D elements correctly.

Engineering structures

When you create a “Section along Curve” of a 2D polyline, congruent elements are listed with their correct names in the dialog box for selection.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.



You can render data with large coordinates without any problems.


The "Save File” dialog box of “Send to Cinema 4D...” displays the “CINEMA 4D R19” file type correctly.

Facility management

Allfa Sync

You can edit country-specific projects.

During synchronization, Allfa Sync considers an equipment item that was created and placed in Allfa.

Allplan International


“Help” - “New Features” displays the correct document.