Hotfix Allplan 2019-0-5

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more reliable.

Basic features

Drawing files

Drawing files that are linked with other drawing files open and close faster.

The dialog box for selecting drawing files opens faster, particularly when the dialog box contains many drawing files with links.

When you double-click an unchanged drawing file with views and sections in the building structure, this drawing file opens and closes faster.


You can edit text from earlier versions without any problems.


Allplan Share

You can display and delete locking info even when the user is no longer a project member.

You can use the “Import Drawing Files and Layouts with Resources to Project” tool to replace drawing files and layouts that already exist in an Allplan Share project.

The program loads linked drawing files into the local file storage folder even when a layout is open.

The names of drawing files in a project that you copied to Bimplus remain unchanged even when you delete the local cache of the computer.


Selected elements no longer get spots when you export a BCF file from the Task Board and then reimport this file.

IFC interface

When you split a multilayer roof covering, the program groups the individual roofs by layer and transfers BaseQuantities correctly for each layer.

IFC4 export transfers new building objects as discrete objects.

We enhanced IFC4 import of certain columns.

We enhanced import of certain grids.

AutoCAD interface

We enhanced DWG import of circular data.

Working on international projects

If the country definition is not complete, the program displays a message on startup.



Various PythonParts are now easier to program and use.

We enhanced the “Engineering - wall corner, type 1” PythonPart that comes with the program.


We enhanced the “Assign Attributes to Elements” tool. When you add attributes to several elements that you selected by enclosing them in a selection rectangle, the format properties of these elements remain unchanged.

“Property Manager” is now available in all languages.



Components that you create using “Rabbet” and attach to default planes or reference planes update correctly when you change the height settings of these planes.


When you create custom catalogs using the “Catalog” tool, you can now add attribute names that include spaces.

Floor area calculations consider special vertical surfaces with conditions.

Views and sections

The “Create Section” tool is faster.

The “Hide V” tool (in “Reinforcement Tools”), which you can use to hide reinforcement placed in views and sections, no longer affects the representation in the model. You can change the reinforcement afterward.

We enhanced the “Sweep Bars Along Path” and “Extrude Bars Along Path” tools. The drawing file with the reinforcement model displays the placement in plan view even if another drawing file is selected for the placement.

You can correctly modify sections that you derived from the building structure.

The program changes the section identifier when you copy the section object.

Views and sections, associative views

You can open and edit drawing files and layouts with resources faster.


Bar reinforcement

The “Label” tool is faster when you use it to label stirrups that you created with the “Bar Shape” tool.

You can choose the global point as the reference point for placing symbols that include reinforcement without a model.

Associative and nonassociative steel legends return the same results.

After you have modified cranked bars, the length in the full schema matches the added-up lengths of the segment dimensions.

We enhanced the “Stretch Entities” tool for editing bar reinforcement in a section. The bars edited are visible in the section; the program no longer displays a message.

After you have changed the lengths of bars by using the “Stretch Entities” tool, the representation remains unchanged.

After you have changed a stirrup in a view or section by using the “Stretch Entities” tool, the length updates correctly in the partial schema even if the partial schema is in another drawing file.

The program deletes schemas faster, particularly when you created the schemas from a section.

Marks of which you changed the numbers in a view while these marks were hidden by layer filters in another view update correctly when you show them again.

When you use the “Stretch Entities” tool to modify bars placed in polygon, the mark numbers of these bars remain unchanged.

You can import the “Options” - “Reinforcement” - “Meshes” settings that you saved as a favorite after you have reset the options by selecting “Restore basic settings”.

Direct object modification selects the selected bar only.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool changes the mark number of a bar correctly.

The program detects linked drawing files correctly when you use the “Bar Shape” tool to create reinforcement in an empty drawing file.

When you change the reference scale after you have selected the “Dimension Line, Label” tool on the shortcut menu, the program creates the label correctly without displaying a message.

We enhanced direct object modification of reinforcement that you created by using the “Place Bar Shape” tool. You can now make and undo changes multiple times without seeing a message.

When you use the “Modify Number Off Factors” tool to change the “Component factor” of 2D reinforcement with a partial schema, the partial schema updates correctly.


When you add attributes to a fixture by using the “Assign Attributes to Elements” tool, these attributes remain unchanged when you edit the fixture by using the “Modify Smart Fixture Symbol's Attributes” tool.

Custom foils of fixtures are visible even when the “Use OpenGL for all viewports” option is selected (“Options” - “Desktop environment” - “Display”).

Screw connections and couplers

The “Split bars and create coupler connection” tool considers the coupler that you selected for splitting even if there is already a coupler at the end of the bar.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.

Facility management

Allfa Sync

We enhanced synchronization of certain occupancies that you defined yourself.