Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Drawing files with many converted user-defined architectural elements load faster. When you import IFC data with many details, you often get a large number of converted user-defined architectural elements.

Basic features

Drawing files

Drawing file selection is faster due to various enhancements.


Loading a document with damaged data as an external reference does not affect the reinforcement in the current drawing file.

Layout editor

The “Export PDF Data” tool with the “Export document as a bitmap” option does not create additional vertical lines.

User interface


The data volume of certain wizard files might have increased whenever you opened a wizard since the Allplan 2019-0-6/7 hotfixes. We solved this issue.


Smart Symbols

The “Replace Smart Symbol, SmartPart” and “Update Smart Symbols Placed from Library” tools work in the same way as in earlier versions.


Various enhancements stabilize and speed up the process of working together using Workgroup, WGO and Allplan Share.

Workgroup Manager

You might have had problems switching between projects in Allplan 2019-1; we solved this issue.

IFC interface

We enhanced IFC import of certain windows by means of the new interface.



You can change the parameters of many converted user-defined architectural elements more quickly in one go by using the “User-Defined Archit. Element” palette.

The stair label includes the correct number of steps, tread and rise even if the “Bimplus” attribute set definition is selected in the “Project Settings”.

Views and sections

Due to various means, you can work faster with bar reinforcement in views and sections.

The program calculates and displays sections of bar reinforcement more quickly in large projects.

When placing axis grids in views and sections, you can define whether the gridlines start at the top or bottom.

When you add axes to views and sections by using the “Remove/Add Axes” tool, the program labels the axes in the correct order.

Existing axes remain unchanged when you use the “Remove/Add Axes” tool to add more axes to views and sections and then “Undo” this operation.

The program no longer doubles the clipping path when you save the drawing file.


Bar reinforcement

You can edit placed bars without problem by using the “Stretch Entities” tool.

After you have edited a placement by using the “Stretch Entities” tool, the program displays the placement correctly and updates the number of pieces correctly in the associative “Bar schedule - bending shapes” legend.

You can delete and move the entire contents of a drawing file with reinforcement (Ctrl+A) to the clipboard and then paste the contents to the original position in the same drawing file without problem.

You can use the clipboard to copy and paste reinforcement in a view or section without problem.

You can insert a symbol of a bar placement in a drawing file with reinforcement and then rearrange the marks without problem.

Mark labels remain unchanged when you place a symbol of a stirrup with a legend and then undo this placement.

You can delete partial schemas without problem.

You can use the “Rearrange Marks” tool (“Lock” option not selected) to rearrange all bars placed in views and sections without problem.

Round reinforcing bars in the drawing file are also round in the layout.

You can split bars and then create coupler connections in a view and section without problem.

The program updates the associative legends in the “Engineering” folder correctly after you have edited reinforcement by using direct object modification.

Mesh reinforcement

You can create span reinforcement without problem.

Allplan Bridge

Drawing files with bridge models load faster.

Allplan International


Schemas do not label all segment lengths of symmetrical bending shapes.


The shortcut menu of “New Project, Open Project” is correct.