Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-14

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.


This hotfix updates WIBU licensing.

Note: Workgroup online will no longer be available in Allplan 2021 and later. Instead, you can purchase and use Allplan Share, which has been available since Allplan 2018.

User-defined objects, libraries


We enhanced the TUBE function for scripting SmartParts.


Allplan Share

You can switch to the “Layout Editor” in an Allplan Share project without seeing a message, even if an empty drawing file is selected in the “Open on a project-specific basis” dialog box.

Scalypso plug-in

This hotfix updates Scalypso to version 2020.0.812.

You can find the new “Settings” tool for configuring Scalypso on the Actionbar.



You can work faster in the “Enter Text” dialog box.


Stair modeler

We enhanced the stair modeler in various places.