Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

User Interface


When you select wizards with large volume of data containing many layout border smart symbols, they may even get larger and therefore can’t be used. Allplan is now adjusting such wizards as you open them.


The shortcut menu of the "Layer" dialog box now presents the tools "Cut...", "Rename..." and "New Layer", even when you sort by short name or full name.

Basic Features

When you copy values measured with the measurement tools to the clipboard, they are saved in the current unit of length.

Drawing file selection

You can open and switch drawing files more quickly.

You can open and switch drawing files more quickly even when they contain bridge models consisting of complex BREPSs and general 3D objects.

Layout Editor

“Allplan Exchange Layout Distribution” tool now exports layouts containing reinforcement in ‘new’ views and sections completely with resources.

When you select a layout with a name containing dots and save it to file using "Print Layouts" - "Print to file", Allplan proposes the layout's name unchanged with dots now.

When you select several plans in the "Print layouts" tool and activate both "PDF Export" and "Print to file" options at the same time, Allplan now uses the correct name for the last PDF and creates it.


When you modify axis grids, Allplan no longer displays a message.



To copy and insert certain SmartParts to clipboard runs better now; all SmartParts are visible.

Smart Symbols

When many smart symbols containing BREPs are placed on a drawing file, you now can faster choose and modify them. The drawing file also loads faster.


DWG Interface

We enhanced import of DWG files containing embedded OLE objects.

Bimplus Interface

In Bimplus, you can assign and change attributes to 3D solids. In Allplan, these attributes are downloaded and updated correctly.



Geometric attributes (e.g. height) of window and door SmartParts and Smart Symbols do not change when you use the “Bimplus” attribute set definition in a project.



Associative legends of active documents containing 2D Axis Grid are created and updated correctly.


You might have had problems when many General 3D Objects on a drawing file were repaired or transformed to 3D solids; we solved this issue.

Views and Sections

Due to various means, you can work faster in views and sections.

Drawing files with reinforcement in Views and sections load faster, when “Colored reinforcement in plan view” option is selected.

Floor coverings of specific rooms in a section are also displayed in Animation viewports now.

Moving views and sections with bar reinforcement is faster.

We enhanced creating sections with reference mode ‘Folded’; 3D axis lines are not displayed in the section.

Elements converted to construction lines are not displayed in views and sections; refreshing the screen it is not necessary.

You can move a horizontal section of components on an axis grid, after axis lines were added to the grid.


Bar Reinforcement

Allplan is faster to place and label a bar shape in views and sections.

For circular reinforcement, you can now easier place the axis of rotation in space.

The associative reinforcing bar legend "Reinf. schedule, bending shapes" correctly analyzes copies of spiral reinforcement.

When you create spiral reinforcement in an isometric view and then create a section in plan view, Allplan no longer displays a message.

Allplan displays the special handles for direct object modification (diameter, distance) of an activated placement, even when the dimension line of the placement includes additional dimension line text.

A reinforcing bar legend completely displays its stirrups after you have opened and closed "Layout Editor".

When you use the “Stretch entity” tool to modify a stirrup in a partial schema, Allplan updates the full schema correctly even on drawing files created in previous versions.

When you modify the number of a mark in one view while the mark is hidden by layer filter in another view, and then remove the filter and display it, the mark number is correctly updated.

When you save 3D reinforcement model and 2D formwork on different, not linked drawing files as a symbol, it is now placed completely, and no message is displayed.

Format properties of bars modified in a view do not change, even when you modify the view and e.g. switch off the "Update automatically" option.

Mesh Reinforcement

When you use the “Stretch entity” tool to modify a single mesh placed by span in an area reinforcement, a new mark number is assigned, and the mesh is correctly analyzed and displayed in an associative mesh legend. 

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.

Visual Scripting

Since Version 2019-1, Allplan provides Allplan Visual Scripting as a technical preview. We continuously update and enhance this application.

You can open an introduction in the most important controls of Visual Scripting, when you click on "?" - "Getting Started" in the menu bar of the Allplan Visual Scripting application window.

Allplan International


With Brazil reinforcement standard and Brazil cross-section catalog, Allplan calculates correctly bar length and bending pin diameter.