Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-5

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

User interface


Upon opening, wizards with large volumes of data (smart symbols of layout borders) could bloat and thus become unusable. Now Allplan cleans up these wizards when you open them.


When you work with hidden palettes by selecting “Hide automatically”, you can still choose to show the palettes of certain tools, such as “Create Section” or “Create View”, by turning off the “Hide automatically” option. Allplan remembers this setting, automatically showing the palette the next time you open the tool.

Basic features

Drawing files and layouts

Allplan is faster to open and switch empty drawing files even when the project includes many links.

Layout editor

We enhanced and sped up “Stretch Entities” in layout windows.

Allplan processes the country setting correctly when you open layouts.



Various PythonParts are easier to program and use.

You can place PythonParts with reinforcement in a view or delete them from a view without problem.


Allplan Share

Various enhancements stabilize and speed up the process of working together with Allplan Share.

We enhanced and stabilized the process of saving data with links.

If the building structure does not reach the server due to network problems or package loss, Allplan saves the building structure locally.

When you close a custom NDW after you have copied data from there to the current drawing file of an Allplan Share project, Allplan no longer uploads the current drawing file that has not changed.

IFC interface

When you export IFC data of doors and windows, the AllplanAttributes PropertySet gets a suffix in parentheses (for example, for smart window symbols or smart window sill symbols), which can cause problems. When exporting data to the IFC4 format, Allplan no longer adds the suffix when the “Combine smart opening symbols” option is not selected in the “IFC Export, Import Settings”.

Bimplus interface

Allplan is faster to export projects to Bimplus.


The “classification key” attribute (1395) is now in the “classification” group. You can assign this attribute to architectural components and rooms again.

Allplan is faster to assign and change attributes and attribute values even when large attribute files (for example, IBD) are centrally on a server.



The height attribute analyzes openings correctly when the opening height is not based on a default plane but on another reference plane or reference surface.


“Redefine Rooms, Surfaces, Stories” tool - “Finish” tab: When you “Match” (pipette) a finish surface and apply it to other rooms, the settings of the check boxes for selecting parameters do not change on the “Room” and “DIN277, Floor Area” tabs. Parameters that you have already defined on the “Room” tab (for example, story code, name / qualities, function) remain unchanged.

Views and sections

You place a closed stirrup from which you create a section and full schema. When you change the length of the second hook by using the “Modify Hook” tool - “Length” option, Allplan updates the length correctly in the full schema.

Circular reinforcement is immediately visible in new sections.

After you have deleted a section, you can undo this step again; links will be restored correctly.

Meshes in views and sections get the format properties that are defined in the “Meshes” area of the “Options - Reinforcement - Format”.

A bending shape is in a section that you have just modified. When you change the format properties of this bending shape, you can match the layer from a wizard.


Bar reinforcement

The “Stretch Entities” tool is faster when you edit a bar placement in a section.

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool to modify placed bars without problem.

When you use “Stretch Entities” to edit reinforcement with schemas, the number of pieces remains unchanged in the schema.

The “Modify Placement” tool is faster when you select this tool on the shortcut menu.

Direct object modification of bar placements no longer leads to long computing times even when you modify the placements multiple times in succession.

After you have modified the placing parameters of a placement in a section, Allplan updates the section correctly in the layout.

ProjectPilot copies a drawing file that contains bar reinforcement in views and sections to another project without problem.

The “Convert, Match Elements” tool processes 3D elements correctly when you create bending shapes.

The “Bar schedule - bending shapes” legend displays all bending shapes when you create this legend after you have shown hidden placements in views and sections by using the “Reinforcement Tools” - “All-1” option.

Due to various means, you can work faster with bar reinforcement in views and sections.

Allplan no longer copies the section object when you use direct object modification to move and copy a placement.

Labels and legends analyze the number of bars correctly after you have shown hidden placements in views and sections by using the “Reinforcement Tools” - “All-1” option.

When you modify span reinforcement, Allplan updates the span reinforcement correctly in sections.

You can create, delete and re-create a full schema of bar reinforcement multiple times in succession without problem.

When you insert a page break in an associative legend after fixing data, the legend displays all marks again.

Mesh reinforcement

“Mesh Shape” - “Polygonal stirrup”: Allplan changes the hook length correctly.


We corrected the lengths of certain PEIKKO fixtures.


When you add couplers to views and sections, Allplan displays these couplers correctly.


You can place a symbol with 3D lines in the drawing file.

Allplan International


Allplan calculates hook lengths and bending radii of stirrups in accordance with the Brazilian standard.