Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-6

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic Features

Layout Editor

Point snap works correctly in layouts.

It could take a long time to open a layout with layout elements containing views and sections; the message "graphic memory update" could possibly appear. Such layouts now open faster.

We enhanced data management of layouts containing legends.

Reinforcement in the construction line color in a layout is not printed anymore when the 'Construction Line' option in 'Show/Hide' is switched off. Labels do not change.

When you enable additional "Dimension line text" in the "Dimension line, Label" tool for bar reinforcement in views and sections, this text is now displayed in the layout again.


Smart Symbols

Certain foils are displayed correctly now in all scale ranges, after the Smart Symbol was modified with the 'Stretch entities' tool.


Various PythonParts are easier to program and use.

PythonParts can analyze attributes of couplers in views and sections.


Allplan Share

Switching between drawing files with associations is faster now.

One user modified and closed a drawing file while other users have it open in reference mode. Now the modified drawing file is uploaded before the updates and corrections necessary for Associative Views and Sections are performed.

If drawing files are uploaded incompletely or not at all while closing a project, you now get a message when you open the project the next time, and you can repeat the upload. In addition, we enhanced error handling of locking and releasing drawing files.

While project data is loaded there is a special check for renamed drawing files, in order to avoid data loss.

When you close a project that was just selected, reference data (associations.dat) is not uploaded to the server.


When the central storage file for Allplan is changed e.g. because you had to replace the server, the location of XRefs was not found and loading took a long time. We solved this problem.

AutoCAD Interface

Allplan imports certain fillings of a DWG file with correct color now.

IFC Interface

If you re-import Allplan data previously exported to IFC 2x3 or IFC 4, existing attributes now are transferred correctly.

We now transfer the quantities BarLength, BarLengthTotal, BarWeightTotal and BarDistance in PSet AllplanQuantities, when you export reinforcement to IFC.



You can define the height of a corner window relative to a reference surface in the plane model.



A Legends is updated automatically even if an existing mark is placed again or if components are set invisible in the Objects palette.


Plant Objects, Path areas

When you place plants in an area using the 'Planning and planting' tool, you can now define and place several rows of plants in one step again.

Structural Framing

Axis Grid

When you load a project, which was created in an earlier release of Allplan 2019, grid lines could be displayed differently. You now get a toolbar with input options to display the grid lines correctly.

Views and Sections

Allplan is faster to place and label a bar shape in views and sections.

A full schema is activated correctly now when you repeatedly choose 'repeat' or double click with the right mouse button.

Modifying the size of a sections direction symbol does not change the viewing direction.


Bar Reinforcement

Allplan is faster to place and label a bar shape in views and sections.

If you insert a symbol that contains 2D design and 2D reinforcement, it is displayed correctly in the drawing file (e.g. placement, 2D lines).

Changes of 2D bars created with "Bar Shape" and setting "per meter" are analyzed and updated correctly in legends like e.g. "Reinf. schedule, bending shapes".

When you create a "Stirrup with starter bar for slab" with the "Bar Shape" tool and disable the option "Expand to adapt edges", the value for "Concrete cover 4" is taken into account correctly for the hook length.

When you define a "Stirrup, open at top" with the "Bar Shape" tool, the value for "Concrete cover 4" is taken into account.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.