Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-9

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Hotfix setup

In certain cases, Allplan downloaded a hotfix but failed to install it automatically. We solved this problem; the solution will take effect with the next hotfix 20219-1-10.

Basic features

Building structure

When you deleted a building structure, Allplan displayed a warning before deleting not only all objects derived and plane models from the project but also the layout structure. Now the layout structure remains unchanged.

User-defined objects, libraries


Various PythonParts are easier to program and use.

You can use “GetModelGeometry” to read out the geometry of Allplan columns and beams.

We corrected the “ScalableTableChairGroup.pyp” PythonPart, which comes with the program as a sample application. The table height is now 0.8 m.


Allplan Share

If drawing files are not uploaded (completely) when you close a project, you will see a message the next time you open the project, and you can upload the data again. The message no longer appears after you have uploaded the data successfully.

You can edit an “empty” building structure with 10 drawing files that you create manually in an Allplan Share project.

The “Copy”, “Move”, and “Stretch Entities” tools are faster when you apply them to elements in layouts.

We enhanced versioning of drawing files when you edit, save, and upload them.

When you open a drawing file that is linked with another drawing file that contains an XRef, Allplan also downloads and displays the source drawing file used for the XRef.

We enhanced creation of revision data when you upload data to Bimplus.

When you place a drawing file in a layout, Allplan first checks whether the local drawing file is up to date. If this is not so, Allplan downloads and updates the drawing file.

When you use the “Save” tool to save drawing files or layouts in a Share project, these drawing files or layouts will be uploaded automatically.

The “Layout Window” tool - “... place drawing files as layout elements” works correctly when you assemble layouts in Allplan Share projects.

You can copy and upload a local project to Bimplus; locking info is correct.

In certain cases, it was not possible to copy a local project to Bimplus; the “project is in use” message appeared. We solved this problem.


When you switch projects, Allplan updates the linked Bimplus project; you do not need to sign in via the “Task Board” palette again.

Views and sections

When you create a view, you can choose to display “visible edges” and “hidden edges” both in the “Formats” palette on the “Edges” tab and by clicking in the graphic in the “Generate View” palette. The resulting view is always correct, regardless of how you define these settings.

Reinforcement that appears in color in plan view and that is also included in a view or section also appears in color in the layout.


Bar reinforcement

You use the “Dimension Line, Label” tool to dimension bars that you have already placed. In doing so, you display the number of pieces and apply a label that consists of a two-line, custom text. When you change the label, the number of pieces remains unchanged in the dimension line.

When you use the “Modify Mark” tool to change the bar diameter of a placement, Allplan updates the schema accordingly.

When you first change the reference scale and then the mark number, Allplan no longer moves the segment labels of schema bars.

You copy a placement across drawing files and close the original drawing file afterward. Then, you save the copied placement as a symbol. When you place this symbol, the reinforcement remains unchanged

You can use the “Sweep Bars Along Path” tool to define bars even if this requires more than one section of the component.

When you change the spacing in a view or section by using “Modify Placement” or the “Properties” palette, the “from layer” format properties remain unchanged.

Mesh reinforcement

You can use the “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” tool to copy span placements of meshes to another drawing file.

Legends and reports list meshes always with their correct lengths. When you modify the placement, Allplan analyzes the meshes correctly.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. We expanded and updated the technical documentation of Allplan Bridge.