Hotfix Allplan 2017-1-7

Release Notes

Note: The virus protection program Sophos may interfere with the installation or auto-update of the Allplan 2017-1-7 hotfix. Sophos is working on a solution. For details, see the following FAQ provided by Technical Support: Sophos Antivirus blocks installation of the hotfix 2017-1-6.

As an alternative to the hotfix, you can install the complete Allplan 2017-1-7 Release installation package. You an download this package from Allplan Connect - Support - Downloads.


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

Data conversion
Projects created with internal project numbers in earlier versions retain their correct names when you convert the data to the current version or reorganize the project management file.

OLE objects
Allplan correctly displays Windows 10 documents embedded as OLE objects (for example, documents from Word or Excel).


Views, sections (derived from building structure)
You can use ‘Update calculation result’ a number of times to update views and sections derived from the building structure.

IFC interface
IFC export transfers more drawing files.
Allplan correctly exports finishing surfaces consisting of several layers with conditions to IFC format.

Bimplus interface
We improved export of surfaces (materials) from Allplan to Bimplus.

Libraries - Python Parts
There are various improvements in the way you program and use Python Parts.

We improved ‘Modify Layout Window’ and ‘Enter new polygon for layout’. You can now zoom in on the layout even after you have replaced a layout element.
Advanced XRefs in a section are visible in layouts.

Facility management

Allfa Sync
You can adjust the number and sequence of attributes for smart symbols in linked files.
We improved analysis of certain smart symbols during synchronization.