Hotfix Allplan 2021-1-7

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features


The setting 'Display elements on locked layers with fixed color' could be disabled unintentionally in certain cases, e.g. after switching to 'Plan Layout' and opening a plan that also contained an empty drawing file. We solved this problem.

Layout editor

Copying or cutting and pasting plan elements with views and sections via the clipboard has been improved. After pasting, additional plan elements can be copied and pasted via the clipboard.



With 'Change base value' the new reference point can again be defined by point snapping on parts or elements.

After adding a dimension line reference point and immediately changing it with 'Modify Points' a message could occur; this is now fixed.



Since combining PythonParts with reinforcement into one element group led to data errors, this is now no longer possible.


Allplan Share

In Allplan Share projects, the switching between drawing files has been accelerated. Backup data (*.BAK) of associations are now specifically selected and downloaded from the server only when needed.

Bimplus, Allplan Share

In certain cases it could happen that a project with IFC data copied to Allplan Share was not visible there after uploading to Bimplus. We solved this problem.

Export Microstation data

If you export Microstation data from 'Layout mode using any SEED file, all plan elements will now be displayed completely again.

Export Soule

XML data created in Allplan can now be better imported into Soule.

Views and Sections

When moving sections repeatedly, the Clipping Path is now no longer moved along as before.

When displaying the axis grid in sections, the projection of the axes is now based on the section body rather than the extent of the sectioned model data.

In views, in certain cases, the glass in a window element was not shown as a fill area, for example, if it was behind other objects. We solved this problem.

If the size of fixtures is changed when they are placed, the fixtures are now displayed correctly in views and sections.


Bar reinforcement

When changing the spacing for a placement created with 'Extrude Bars Along Path', the correct display now occurs immediately.

Copying of placements together with the placement label using the Brackets function has been improved

The deleting of polygonally placed bars has been improved.

The subsequent changing of a spiral reinforcement into a per meter placement has been improved.

In certain cases, it was not possible to subsequently change the edge offsets in linear placements; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, incorrect number of pieces were output for individual bar marks in reports and non-associative legends; this has now been fixed.

After deleting individual bars in an area reinforcement, the number of bars remaining in reports and non-associative legends is now output correctly.

After changing the bar length of polygonally placed bars with 'Modify Points', reports of the placement can now be generated.

In certain cases, individual bar marks created and placed in previous versions were not displayed in legends in 2D reinforcement; this has now been fixed.

In certain cases, partial schemas were rotated by 180° after rearranging; this has now been fixed.

The derivation of formwork and reinforcement elements into unmanaged construction elements with transfer of the format properties of the selected elements has been improved.

Mesh reinforcement

If there are partial schemas for mesh placements in the drawing file, the correct number of pieces is now output in the 'Mesh reinforcement scheduleesh reinforcement schedule' report.


In certain cases, the creation of couplers at schemes of placements in rotation caused the program to crash; this has now been fixed.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program as well as warped slabs (”Warped Slabs” task area) in various places.

Allplan International

Legends and title blocks from a country-specific default path are now copied to the correct country-specific office path using 'Manage Label Styles, Legends'.