Proyectos de referencia

A flagship project

Felix Platter Hospital Basel, Switzerland

By summer 2018, there will be a new hospital for geriatric medicine on the Felix Platter site in Basel. With the realization of the project from consortium "ARGE HandinHand", which won the two-stage overall performance compe - tition, the hospital should "reach new heights", in the words of the hospital management team. The project, which will cost 200 million francs, is also one of the first BIM projects in Switzerland.

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Learning in a playful manner behind colorful walls

Evangelische Grundschule Karlsruhe, Germany

The construction project of the school foundation of the Protestant Church in Baden consists of two clearly defined, two-story individual buildings (elementary school and sports hall), grouped around a shared courtyard. At the same time, this central schoolyard is the entrance to all areas and creates a concise and highly recognizable outdoor area.

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Vertical gardens – fresh air for the office

Renovation of the Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna, Austria

In many workspaces, the air is too dry and contains hazardous substances that may cause health complaints. Many of these complaints can be significantly reduced by simply bringing in plants that purify the air. Plants add water vapor to the air, absorb heat and sounds, and can take in and reduce hazardous substances. People therefore find workplaces containing plants more pleasant, which is proven to reduce stress and signs of "sick building syndrome", such as headaches and fatigue.

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Riverside festivities

Festhalle Neckartailfingen, Germany

The idyllic surroundings and riverside setting played a crucial role in the design of the new festival hall in Neckartailfingen.A defining element of this building is the roof construction, architecturally reflecting the interwining branches of the nearby tree-lined Neckarallee. In addition to the roof, the extensive use of glass in the hall and foyer is another important design feature. They offer visitors an uninterrupted view of the natural surroundings. 

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A building for children

La Maison Kangourou, France 

What do an architecture firm and a nursery school have in common? Easy: they share the same vision! To create daycare facilities especially for children. When they set up their architecture firm Archipel41 in 2001, Managing Directors Laurent Dachet, Marco Ferrer, Carlos Vasconcelos, and Christophe Alamargot realized how difficult it was for their employees to find daycare facilities near their workplace.

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Disciplined building with poetry

Offenbach Hospital, Germany

The office of "wörner traxler richter" as one of the largest architectural offices in Germany, can look back on a 40-year tradition of planning and realization of buildings to urban concepts and masterplans. During this time, it has specialized in health and university buildings and social housing. WTR relies on the strengths of the Allplan BIM software for all phases of its projects.

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Heading into the future

Vollack Culture and Creative Park, Karlsruhe

The largest office building of Baden-Württemberg using passive building standards is on the grounds of the Alter Schlachthof ("old slaughterhouse") in Karlsruhe's Culture and Creative Park. Vollack, the Karlsruhe specialists in advanced office and industrial buildings, is responsible for the project development, planning, and execution.

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Architecture in action

Wellendingen Fire Station, Germany

Functionality and design are what make the new fire station in Wellendingen stand out. This modern building is part of a village regeneration project. The existing fire station building in the center of the village had become too small and was demolished. A new building was erected on the edge of the village along the main thoroughfare.

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Combining functional and individual concepts

New construction of a production hall with an ajoining administrative building in Dinslaken, Germany

The new construction of a production hall with a connected administrative building for Hesotec in Dinslaken represents both the core business – commercial construction – and the individual and creative solutions developed by Brüninghoff, the hall construction specialists. A completely new operational site combining functionality and individuality was the result.

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Clear the stage!

Sechseläutenplatz Zürich, Switzerland

Complex construction projects need time. Particularly when they involve a famous city location like Zürich's Sechseläutenplatz. The planning and construction of the "Opernhaus, Parkhaus Opéra und Sechseläutenplatz," project took 14 years and was finally completed and the square officially inaugurated in spring 2014. The first step, critical to the redevelopment of the square, was moving the parking lots from their above ground location...

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