20 Apr 2023

ALLPLAN presents update of its AEC platform to Design and Build together

The integration of the Schöck catalog in Allplan offers users numerous advantages such as increased design quality as well as time and cost savings. Copyright: ALLPLAN

Allplan 2023-1 provides innovations for design and planning of buildings, infrastructure, and construction projects

Munich – The Allplan 2023-1 service release offers enhancements as well as a wide range of innovations for buildings, infrastructure, and construction projects. Specific highlights for architecture include superior integrated visualization tools, accelerated design workflows and model quality management advancements, whilst engineers benefit from the time saving integration of manufacturer content. Bridge engineers value further analysis software integration capability and superior tools for verification of Eurocode compliance. Contractors, project teams, and those on site, can now also more easily work with and convey BIM2Field requirements.

“We are delighted to promote several new features within this interim release, that support more efficient design to build workflows for our clients across architecture, engineering and construction sectors”, says Eduardo Lazzarotto, SVP Product & Strategy at ALLPLAN. “Within this release, integrations with Nemetschek Group companies and industry partners are particular highlights, together with workflow developments via our Allplan Cloud services that boost users with connectivity and provide efficiencies right into the construction phase.”

Highlights for building design

When it comes to presenting projects to customers and project partners, visualizations, 3D panoramas and videos are the best way to fully convince stakeholders. The visualization tools available directly in Allplan offer the latest technology for this. Now with the new Redshift render engine from Maxon integrated, GPU accelerated rendering is provided as well as additional camera effects such as fisheye, spherical and stereo spherical outputs for VR applications. The speed and realistic effects will impress and increase the chance to secure projects.

In architectural offices especially, there is a growing need for accelerated 3D design and visualization workflows that support dynamic decision-making in the design process. Twinmotion is a real-time visualization tool from Epic Games, Inc. A new Technical Preview of the Twinmotion Direct Link in Allplan 2023-1 streamlines a data exchange workflow, enabling on-the-fly one-click syncing of Allplan models with Twinmotion in real time.

Increasing model quality in the early design phase can result in less errors and efficiency gains in later stages. The easy-to-use functionality of Solibri Inside allows designers to perform checks and identify errors – all in one place – from within the BIM Explorer in Allplan. The free standard package from Solibri supports model-based or information-based checks, such as door and window clearances and level of information (LOI) checks.

Another quality enhancing approach is the integration of the Schöck catalog in Allplan that offers users numerous modeling advantages such as flexible working methods, increased design accuracy as well as time and cost savings. Direct access to the latest installation parts is provided via a web service, which ensures that the latest product data is available directly in Allplan.

Highlights for infrastructure design

Users of Allplan Bridge 2023 are now able to synchronize analytical models over the Allplan Cloud (via Bimplus) with LUSAS finite element analysis software. In the first release of this connection, this will support concrete box girder bridges, with or without pre-stressed tendons, with more bridge types to be supported in the future. Via the Allplan Cloud, analytically relevant entities from Allplan Bridge can be transferred to various structural analysis solutions for further processing, providing users with more flexibility to utilize external analysis software of their choosing.

A new verification example enables users to fully demonstrate and verify the calculation methods used in Allplan Bridge for reinforcement design and code-checking. For this a simply supported single-span pedestrian bridge designed as a prestressed concrete girder with a single solid T-shaped section with haunches is used. This example will help users to fully understand the inputs and the results provided.

Highlights for construction planning

By using tablets, many tasks, such as comparing exact measurements, can be solved directly on the construction site with the help of the BIM model. To make handling simpler, Bimplus now offers a new flexible Toolhub. This allows the Project Navigator to be conveniently moved, docked, collapsed, or hidden using drag & drop – enabling users to view the entire model in full-screen mode on a tablet, for a much better overview of the project.

Further to Allplan’s comprehensive quantity take-off functionality, there is now an Allplan Cloud-based solution to conveniently generate quantity take-off information, say on-site. Now users can easily extract the quantities contained in a BIM model in Bimplus, for example, to estimate the materials needed for different construction phases. This offers substantial time savings versus manual approaches together with more accurate data, and reduced risks of errors, avoiding wasted materials and additional costs.


Allplan 2023-1 is available via the Auto Update function in Allplan or on Allplan Connect. Bimplus Pro is included with valid Allplan Subscription or Serviceplus contracts.

For more information, visit: Features Allplan AEC 2023

The new Technical Preview of the Twinmotion Direct Link in Allplan 2023-1 streamlines a data exchange workflow, enabling on-the-fly one-click syncing of Allplan models in real time. Copyright: ALLPLAN

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