14 Sep 2022

Real-time issue workflows introduced between Allplan and Solibri

The new real-time issue management workflows between Allplan via Bimplus and BCF Live Connector enable OPEN BIM seamless data-based communication. Copyright: ALLPLAN

Bimplus and Solibri BCF Live Connector enable OPEN BIM seamless data-based communication between both Nemetschek Solutions

Munich, September 14, 2022 – ALLPLAN, the global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today announced the availability of a seamless real-time issue management workflow between Solibri and Allplan via the OPEN BIM platform Bimplus. The workflow provides an effective method for managing changes in projects and enables a highly efficient OPEN BIM workflow for everyone involved in building and infrastructure projects worldwide.

Rather than importing and exporting BCF files, the connection of Bimplus with the Solibri BCF Live Connector now enables the direct transfer of issues identified during consolidated model checking in Solibri to the issue workflow in the Bimplus platform. Here, these issues can then be assessed and assigned for processing. This is particularly effective for Allplan users as the Bimplus Issue Manager is also used within Allplan and therefore enables direct processing and correction of these defects immediately within the Allplan BIM authoring solution.

“This development represents a huge step in data-based communication, pushing and raising the level of communication and coordination efficiencies through BIM. We are delighted that the Bimplus platform development directly connects our Allplan solution to Solibri”, Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN, said. “This truly enables an OPEN BIM workflow, unlocking substantial design to build efficiencies for our users engaged in building and infrastructure projects worldwide.”

“We are delighted to see our customers once again benefit from greater co-operation around beneficial technology within the Nemetschek Group. Solibri has always represented two things to the market. Firstly, we deliver quality data around design, build and manage. Good data is at the heart of every successful project and that is something we always deliver. OPEN BIM is an important secondary consideration in all things that we do. Today we see yet another collaboration that is based upon customer value in how we all work together” – says Ville Kyytsönen, CEO of Solibri.

Cloud-based technology

This newly introduced workflow is underpinned by ALLPLAN’s cloud-based OPEN BIM collaboration platform – Bimplus. ALLPLAN is fully committed to bringing the benefits of cloud technology into all Allplan solutions, to deliver enhanced and integrated workflows, across both cloud and authoring tools. This supports the concept of data driven decision making on projects involving large sets of data and multiple stakeholders whilst maintaining a single source of truth. ALLPLAN’s cloud technology offers huge value to clients supporting collaboration and full project coordination with both model and non-model data, remote working and multi-user functionality and intelligent sharing of project documentation.

Superior Issue Management

By developing a workflow within Allplan – governed by Bimplus – clarity and transparency is brought to the change management procedure. The issue can be created in either Allplan or Bimplus, assigned to the relevant person in the team, visualized, annotated, assigned a deadline, and signed off, as well as easily tracked throughout the entire process.

With the Solibri BCF Live Connector, issues created in Solibri are also now transferred centrally in Bimplus, can be validated by the Project Manager or BIM Coordinator, and then assigned to the responsible team members, who receive the tasks in Allplan – right where they require the information. This provides a more effective and efficient method for managing changes, which in turn improves productivity.

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