Hotfix Allplan 2021-1-1

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.


We adjusted the settings for “Auto-update” to better distribute the hotfix downloads.

Basic features

User interface

When you activate a section by using the viewport toolbar, the section no longer includes elements from the wizard in addition to the elements in the section.

After you have switched to Layout Editor, Allplan no longer changes a dark background color of the viewport to a lighter color when you make entries in a certain sequence.


In Allplan 2021, XRefs no longer support views and sections. Therefore, neither views nor sections are visible in XRefs. When you open data from earlier versions in Allplan 2021, such drawing files will be lost. Allplan 2021 no longer supports this technology. Therefore, Allplan explodes architectural elements, 3D models, and reinforcement in views and sections into 2D lines and displays them as 2D lines.



You cannot change the base value or reference point of associative elevation dimensioning created by means of the “Elevation Point” tool. The “Modify Base Value” tool is locked for associative elevation dimensioning.


When rotating text, you can use existing text as the reference line again.


The “Rotate” tool correctly displays the preview of the object that you want to rotate. When you select the object first and then the “Rotate” tool, Allplan correctly rotates the object.

The dialog line is correct after you have used the “Copy and Paste, Rotate” tool.


When the “Copy” tool prompts you to specify where to insert the element copied, “dx” is active instead of “Number of pieces”. So, you can work as usual.


AutoCAD interface

Allplan correctly transfers a bitmap area placed with the “Resize” - “Size in meters” option to DXF or DWG, including the DPI resolution.


After you have imported IFC data containing smart symbols from Revit to an Allplan drawing file, Allplan correctly transfers this data to Bimplus.

Bimplus, Allplan Share

Bimplus correctly handles several subsequent revisions of drawing files of the Bimplus model in conjunction with Allplan Share.



Allplan 2021-1-0 came with new PythonParts for automated reinforcement. We enhanced the user interface and functionality of these PythonParts in various places. In addition to enhancing default starting values and favorite management and standardizing the options on the tabs, we implemented the following new features for the individual components:


  • We added a function for defining hooks for the main reinforcement.
  • We enhanced the placement of secondary reinforcement at the bottom.

Punching shear

  • We enhanced the display of information in the dialog line.
  • You can select horizontal and vertical sections.


  • We updated the image for element selection.
  • We enhanced the placement of lateral longitudinal reinforcement.
  • We enhanced the placement of stirrups when the “Closer spacing at top/bottom” option is not selected.
  • You can label the reinforcement in the sections.


  • We added general reinforcement parameters for the minimum length of horizontal and vertical bars.
  • We enhanced the display of the values for horizontal and vertical open stirrups when the “Same as main rebar” option is selected.
  • You can label the reinforcement in the sections.
  • We solved a problem that led to an error in Allplan Quality Manager.


We enhanced the window SmartParts and door SmartParts that come with Allplan. Window SmartParts and door SmartParts that contain cross muntins are visible in all scale ranges selected in the “Level of detail” area on the “2D representation” tab.



We enhanced the new “Create Wall Openings” and “Create Slab Openings” tools for importing openings: The “Filter value” option is no longer predefined, and you can use the “Name” as the “Filter attribute”.

In certain cases, the wall axes changed. So, you could no longer edit the walls. Now, Allplan automatically repairs the walls; the “Maximum length of polyline exceeded!” message no longer appears.

When you double-click a niche in a multilayer wall, Allplan displays the correct width of this niche, even if the niche is not on the side of the wall axis.

You changed the layer of a wall in the Properties palette. When you select the next wall, the changed layer is no longer preset in the Properties palette but Allplan correctly matches it from the selected wall.


Rooms under a roof surface will correctly be created under a dormer, even if the room height is defined based on the “Maximum height from component bottom” option.


Default planes are visible again when the “Representation in 3D in elevation and isometric views” option is selected on the “Planes” page in the “Options”.

Views and sections

The “Convert View to 2D” tool is much faster.

Allplan correctly moves the label when you “Move” the clipping line and section object.

The position of the section does not change in a drawing file with rotated plan view when you change the top level or bottom level of the clipping path later.

Certain damaged or unsupported 3D objects are no longer visible in views and sections; these objects no longer cause Allplan to stop responding either.

Structural framing

When you edit an axis grid because you want to change the distances, Allplan no longer deletes the “Numbering” of the axes defined as “Custom text”.


Bar reinforcement

You can rotate the schema table of bar shapes placed in polygon, regardless of the reference scale.

After you have selected all elements by means of Ctrl+A, you can select individual entries in the Properties palette without this causing Allplan to stop responding.

After you have hidden the reinforcement, Allplan no longer selects the hidden placements when you double-click the right mouse button to select the elements that you want to move.

After you have hidden reinforcement, you can copy elements and undo the mirroring of elements without problems.

You can undo a bar placement for which the “Align” option is not selected.

You can undo changes to the label made by means of the “Edit Text” tool.

When you change the dimensions of a reinforced component by using the “Stretch Entities” tool and then copy the component by using the “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” tool, Allplan correctly updates the associative legend at once.

When you work with 2D reinforcement, the report no longer outputs the square of the number of pieces for some bar shapes.

Reinforcement views

When you create a bar shape and immediately modify it afterward, you no longer have to switch between drawing files or restart Allplan before you can place this bar shape.

You can create and place bar shapes in reinforcement views of components with a rotated angle in plan.


We removed the superfluous, empty entries from the drop-down list for selecting the language in the revised Erico - Lenton catalog.


Planbar still works properly if you do not use it for some time while catalogs are open.

Element plan

Planbar correctly moves fixtures in accordance with the entries in the dialog line.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details



The new “Road Planning” plug-in provided by Allplan Infrastructure is available to you as a technical preview for testing. Download this plug-in from Allplan Connect - Support - Downloads. There, you can also find information about how to install and use this plug-in. After installation, you can find the new “Road Planning” role in Allplan.

Visual scripting

We enhanced the user interface and program as well as warped slabs (”Warped Slabs” task area) in various places.

Allplan International

The “Create Wall Openings” and “Create Slab Openings” tools are available in all languages.


Custom legends correctly output variable segment lengths of bar shapes placed in polygon.


The “Export aSa” tool returns correct results for several placements of the same mark with different Release IDs.