Allplan 2024

Allplan 2024 (11/10/2023)
Accelerate Design to build

More productive, collaborative and advanced workflows

Allplan 2024 takes productivity to a new level. Never before have you been able to complete tasks so quickly with powerful and automated design tools, integrated cloud-based processes, and advanced BIM workflows. This gives you the freedom to invest more time in designing great architecture, engineering effective transportation infrastructure, and constructing a better built environment.

Be faster with Allplan 2024:

  • Thanks to increased productivity
  • Through smooth collaboration
  • With superior design quality

Major new features in Allplan 2024

You can find a detailed description of the new features and improvements in Allplan 2024 HERE.

Setup & installation

  • New options in MSI setup: Automated Connections and Formwork.
  • Error message in case of failing installation and link to the log file.
  • Continue with the installation even if the requirements are not fulfilled.


  • The finding of incorrect data with the Allplan Quality Manager has been improved.
  • Improvements in data healing, which is selected from the 'File' menu.
  • Mouse wheel zoom in/out, projection, view types and navigation mode for the preview of documents in ProjectPilot.
  • Preview of resources in ProjectPilot.
  • Drawing files, filesets and layouts can no longer be moved or copied to the external path in ProjectPilot.
  • NDW files can no longer be imported in ProjectPilot.
  • Export of authorized project users in CSV format in the 'Project and Resource Management'.
  • Permission for editing the building structure by users can be set.
  • Takeover of other properties from wizards and change of wizard possible while tool is open.
  • New structure of content inside the surface library with updated previews.
  • New unit of length 'US Survey Feet'. Can be set in the options and the dimension line parameters.
  • The profile catalog is localized when downloading from Bimplus.
  • Correct adaptation of the text leader in the layout editor in case of different scales in the plan element.
  • Elipse as a new type of border for labeling the axes in the axis grid.
  • Size of the layout window can be changed via handles and via the 'Modify Offset' tool.
  • New BIMCollab plugin (Technical preview).

Allplan Share

  • Stability improvements.


  • New GIS Connector in the 'Teamwork' task area to get GIS data (terrain, buildings, contours) from openGIS providers.
  • New Content Connector in the 'Teamwork' task area for accelerated download of content (surfaces, 3d objects) from mtextur and 3dWarehouse.
  • Referencing IFC files when inserting custom XRefs.
  • Xplan: Support landscape and urban planing.
  • New archiving format and optional export of room geometry during PDF export.
  • IFC 4.3 import for Infrastructure and Construction segment.

User interface

  • New file 'Open' & 'Save' dialog.
  • New unified progress bar.
  • New appearence of the global and local coordinate system.
  • Rearrangement of the tools in the 'File' menu.
  • Fly mode separately selectable.

Objects Palette

  • Saving of the color coding in the favorites.
  • Extended custom sorting on up to 6 attributes.
  • Accelerated object palette for handling complex building models (UI & data handling).


  • Advanced attribute sets for addressing all IFC entities and predefined types.
  • Update attributes used in another project.
  • Structured containers: Attributes and labels permanently added to sub-objects.
  • Attribute addressing by UUID for cross-project use of newly created labels, formulas, attribute sets and reports that use user attributes.


  • Associative architectural legends regardless of the state of the loaded model. Rooms and finishes are also taken into account.
  • Graphical display of curved objects (general 3D elements) in reports and legends.
  • Date and time format in reports taken from the Window settings.

Displaying and visualizing the model

  • 'Ambient Occlusion' available for view types that use the RT_Render rendering method.
  • Direct connection to Twinmotion for real-time visualization.
  • Faster renderings with Maxon's Redshift renderer.

Views and Sections

  • Extended labeling options.
  • Multimodification for section bodies.
  • Improvements for Precast workflows including the introduction of a local coordinate system.
  • Labeling of the axis grid always correctly readable according to the setting in the options.

Structural framing

  • Automated connections for structural framing objects that were created with profiles from the Nemetschek Profile Catalog.
  • Creation of inclined structural framing columns.
  • Connection of structural framing objects with the 'Join Linear Components' tool. The object is always adapted to the min-max box of the other object.
  • Use dual profiles that can be downloaded from Bimplus.
  • New label for structural framing objects.
  • Display of the local coordinate system at the ends of the structural framing objects.
  • Modify the distance between the anchor point and element point via handles.


  • New user interface of the facade tool with the possibility to use door/window SmartParts as facade components.
  • New parametric SmartParts in the Allplan standard library.
  • Improved Folding and Sliding Door SmartParts.
  • 'Create wall openings' and 'Create slab openings' tools usable in circular/spline components and foundations.
  • Direct object modification for architectural components (slab, foundation slab, recess/niche, corner window).
  • Correct creation of openings, recesses and niches in circular/spline components.
  • Correct representation of area elements (pattern, style area) in circle/spline components.
  • Facing also possible at the bottom.
  • Individual surface display for facings can be assigned directly.
  • Correct connections between circular and straight architectural components (single-layer components).


  • Well-known workflows from reinforcement views also possible in views and sections.
  • PythonParts Examples for the 'Extrude Bars Along Path' and 'Sweep Bars Along Path' tools in the Etc folder.
  • Labeling of attributes as 'Custom text'.
  • Taking into account the factor set in the options for the diameter for collision control of bar reinforcement.
  • Better collision control between different objects, such as bars and fixtures.
  • New entries 'Bar reinforcement' and 'Mesh reinforcement' in the 'Element Filter'.
  • Edit reinforcement in an isometric view or in the animation window.
  • Automated Reinforcement: New tool for creating the reinforcement required to connect two walls.
  • Automated Reinforcement: Improvements for automatic column and wall reinforcement.

Precast Applications & Components

  • Fixtures as single elements in the library.
  • Handles for fixtures.
  • Automatic rotation for fixtures.
  • Use of imperial units in multiple precast catalogs possible.
  • New user interface for Precast Element, MSA Reinforcement Group and Assembly Group.
  • Improvements Object Tree for Precast Objects.


  • New formwork planning for walls.
  • New excavation pit modeler for groundwork planning.
  • Takeover of a path for the axis input of bored pile and soldier pile walls.
  • Dimension lines for bored pile and soldier pile walls.
  • Height connection of bored pile and soldier pile walls to standard planes.
  • Reports for bored pile and soldier pile walls.
  • Connection of existing soldier pile walls with infills.
  • Creation of a 3D body to be used as a drilling template for bored pile walls.
  • Reinforcement for bored pile walls.
  • Linear placement of an existing ground anchor.
  • Change the numbering of selected ground anchors.
  • Transfer selected parameters of a ground anchor.

Allplan Road

  • Modelling and drawing output of parametric road intersections.
  • IFC data preperation - preservation of attributes after model update.

Visual Scripting

  • Visual grouping of multiple nodes.
  • Deactivation of nodes.
  • Evaluation of multiple branches.
  • New tooltip for nodes in the library and on the canvas.
  • Simplified display at lower zoom level.
  • Searching for existing nodes and groups.
  • Place VS-PythonPart with mouse click.
  • Support image in the palette for VS-PythonPart.
  • Write Py code with external editor.
  • New .pyp version to protect the original graph.
  • Auto backup.

Allplan Bridge

The new version of Allplan Bridge 2024 is now available.
You can find a detailed description of the new features and improvements here: Details