Hotfix Allplan 2020-1-12

Release notes (July 7th, 2021)


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.

Basic features

Data conversion

You created a straight dimension line in feet and saved this setting as a project favorite in an earlier version. After you have converted the data of the entire project, you can use this favorite in the current Allplan version.


You can select 0.000 degrees for the “Tilting tolerance for text in degrees” option in the “Options - Text”.


You can create an offset polyline in rotated plan view without problems.



You cannot change the base value or reference point of associative elevation dimensioning created by means of the “Elevation Point” tool. The “Modify Base Value” tool is locked for associative elevation dimensioning.


Bimplus, Allplan Share

Bimplus correctly handles several subsequent revisions of drawing files of the Bimplus model in conjunction with Allplan Share.

User-defined objects


You can create fixture groups from elements with views and sections.



You can save a copied PythonPart as a 3D model without problems.

The “haunch reinforcement” PythonPart works properly. You can find this PythonPart in the “Default” - “PythonParts” - “Reinforcement objects” folder.



Space Allocation Wizard starts without displaying a message, even if an earlier Allplan version is not installed.

Views and sections

You can modify the section object by means of the “Modify Offset” tool without problems.


Bar reinforcement

You can create bar shapes without problems after you have changed the placing region by means of direct object modification.

After you have hidden reinforcement, you can copy elements and undo the mirroring of elements without problems.

You can move individual views and sections that contain area reinforcement.

After you have moved the entire contents of the drawing file by using a selection rectangle, the positions of placements created by means of the “Extrude Bars Along Path” tool do not change even if you modify these placements.

You can modify bars placed per meter in views and sections by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool without problems. The representation of the bars is correct immediately after the modification.

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool to modify the bar length of copied bars whose diameter was changed by means of direct object modification.

You can modify the placing length of reinforcement by means of the “Stretch Entities” tool, even after you have used the clipboard to copy the reinforcement to a new drawing file.

You can correctly move 2D reinforcement after you have modified its placement parameters.

You can use the rebar filter to delete the entire reinforcement without problems.

You can delete 2D reinforcement without problems, even if you double-click the right mouse button to select the elements that you edited previously.

You can delete reinforcement from PythonParts saved as 3D models without problems.

You can create associative legends without problems.

Allplan moves and copies reinforcement to the correct position within views and sections, even if you select the reinforcement by using the Objects palette.

Reinforcement views

In certain cases, Allplan stopped responding when you increased the placing region of reinforcement views by means of direct object modification. We solved this problem.

You can place bar shapes in reinforcement views of components with a rotated angle in plan.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the Allplan Bridge plug-in. Details

Add-ons, plug-ins

Scalypso plug-in

You can download the current version of Scalypso as a ZIP file by using the Services application. Select “Service” - “Scalypso plug-in”. The ZIP file is no longer included in Allplan hotfixes. After having unzipped the file, install Scalypso by double-clicking the EXE file.