12 Oct 2023

Allplan 2024: Introducing a new Era of Productive, Collaborative and Advanced Workflows

Accelerating design to build for buildings and transportation infrastructure

Munich – Revolutionizing the landscape of design, prefabrication and construction, ALLPLAN, provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, announces its latest version of BIM software that accelerates the design to build process for buildings and transportation infrastructure projects. Allplan 2024 supercharges productivity, boosts collaboration, and facilitates superior design quality, offering a set of powerful and automated design tools, integrated cloud-based processes, and cutting-edge BIM workflows. The new version aims to provide users with more freedom to spend time on what matters most: designing great architecture, engineering effective solutions, and constructing a superior built environment.

"We are thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of Allplan, a significant leap forward that underscores our commitment to providing industry-leading design-to-build solutions to our users. With this new version, we've engineered a set of innovative features that not only accelerate the design and construction process but also elevate the overall user experience. We are confident that Allplan 2024 will not only substantially increase productivity and enhance collaboration but also inspire a new level of creativity and excellence in buildings and transportation infrastructure projects", says Eduardo Lazarotto, SVP Product & Strategy at ALLPLAN.

Klaus Teizer, Managing Director Vollack Group, adds: "Collaborative project planning is absolutely in line with the Vollack method and is sustainable. Because intelligent, competent planning creates quality, optimizes construction costs, and saves resources. For us, Allplan 2024 is an indispensable tool that supports this process - from the first draft to realization on the construction site."


Highlights for building design
In today's AEC projects, the fusion of data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is paramount, involving existing terrain and surrounding buildings. Architects, engineers, and construction experts must seamlessly integrate designs into their environments. Allplan 2024 introduces a cloud-powered GIS connector, powered by 3DCityLoader services, facilitating effortless extraction of essential data from various open GIS platforms. This tool empowers users to import terrain data, building contours, and street layouts directly into Allplan, enhancing contextual design precision.

Architects demand swift and intuitive tools for building envelope design and experimentation. Allplan's enhanced façade module streamlines the process, utilizing predefined window/door parametric components for quicker façade creation and adjustments. This advancement accelerates incorporation of opening elements into façade design while offering optimized performance and expanded functionality, enabling architects to conceive and adapt façades with enhanced speed, flexibility, and ease.

The new Content Connector in Allplan 2024 revolutionizes the process of importing external 3D assets and materials, saving time for architects and consultants. Allplan's web-based workflow integrates with external providers like mtextur and 3D Warehouse, accelerating content import and customization. This enhancement streamlines tasks related to content, boosting productivity for architects and multi-disciplinary consultants.

The new Twinmotion Direct Link simplifies the exchange between Allplan and Twinmotion, allowing real-time synchronization with a click. Architects benefit from Twinmotion's realistic environment display, high-quality assets, and tools for storytelling and VR experiences. This feature empowers dynamic decision-making throughout the design process, enabling architects to visualize their projects efficiently and effectively.

For the first time, Allplan 2024 integrates the robust SDS2 steel connection engine, streamlining the modeling of standardized steel connections. Integrated checks ensure that connections are fabricable and erectable during the design phase. This approach ensures compatibility with connection modeling and design solutions, enabling architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors to provide precise project tenders.

Allplan 2024 enhances fixture administration, crucial for precast designers dealing with a multitude of precast elements requiring specific fixtures. The software streamlines fixture management, simplifying planning, invoicing, and production tasks. Addressing the scarcity of skilled workers in precast production, Allplan 2024 extends automation to mesh welding systems, considering concrete cover in joint profiles for accurate, accelerated, and error-free reinforcement workflows.

In an industry where error-free designs are non-negotiable, clash detection is indispensable. Allplan 2024 introduces seamless, end-to-end clash detection within a single software environment. By categorizing and color-coding collision types – Hard Clash, Soft Clash, Workflow Clash, and No Clash – the software provides an easy-to-use overview for quick, clear, and efficient collision checking and identification.

Allplan 2024 also introduces a Technical Preview of the BIMcollab Plugin, streamlining issue management in BIM projects. Users can now seamlessly connect to their BIMcollab project from Allplan, creating and editing issues directly within the software without the need for BCF import/export. This integration enhances workflow efficiency, saving time and ensuring consistency in the BIM process.


Highlights for transportation infrastructure
In response to the construction industry's evolving demands, Allplan 2024 offers enhanced capabilities for BIM road models. The new version enables segmentation of road models into logical sections, facilitating attribute assignment to roadway elements and preparing the model for export in the OPEN BIM IFC 4.3 format. This ensures uniform model data structure and comprehensive interdisciplinary collaboration, streamlining information exchange with design partners. Furthermore, ALLPLAN's commitment to improved BIM workflows extends to infrastructure projects. The software now supports the import of IFC 4.3 files for bridges, roads, and rails from third-party software.

The latest version of Allplan introduces a new solution for the parametric modeling of road intersections, enhancing the creation of T and X intersections. This feature enables effortless adjustment of intersection point positions and turning geometries due to its parametric approach. The derived cross-section and site plan of the intersection area are seamlessly integrated, streamlining the process and offering significant time savings, improved user-friendliness, and minimized error sources during geometry changes.


Highlights for construction planning
Allplan 2024 empowers civil engineers to design the excavation and shoring elements in detail upfront to determine their feasibility. Detailed 3D models, inclusive of GPS-controlled excavator data, cater to contractors' needs, while execution plan creators can meticulously model earthwork elements. Flexibility to modify the model even in later construction phases enhances project adaptability, complemented by improvements in bored pile walls, soldier pile walls, and ground anchors.

Furthermore, the new version introduces a formwork planning tool add on BIM²form, that streamlines the assignment of formwork or cast-in-place wall components. Currently compatible with the Meva Mammut 350 formwork system from MEVA, the tool eliminates the need for outsourcing formwork planning to external providers, saving costs and enhancing project control. This feature empowers users to efficiently plan with formwork systems from various manufacturers, presenting a cost-effective solution compared to outsourcing expenses.


Allplan Cloud now included in Allplan 2024 subscriptions
Allplan Cloud, now a core component of all subscriptions starting from October 11, 2023, revolutionizes design-to-build workflows by seamlessly integrating Allplan desktop and cloud applications. This comprehensive solution offers an array of functionality, encompassing cloud-based collaboration, project and office teamwork, efficient drawing and plan distribution, as well as the utilization of project resources in the cloud. Furthermore, it incorporates supplementary tools like AutoConverter for streamlined integration with structural analysis solutions. As an added bonus, Allplan subscriptions purchased prior to December 31, 2023, will also give users a complimentary 12-month subscription to Solibri Inside, facilitating integrated model checking.


Allplan 2024 as well as the free 14-day trial version are now available for download.

More information: https://www.allplan.com/us_en/products/allplan-2024-features/

Allplan's enhanced façade module streamlines the process, utilizing predefined window/door SmartParts for quicker façade creation and adjustments. Copyright: ALLPLAN
Allplan 2024 introduces the Content Connector, a web-based workflow that automates the import and creation of customized content. Copyright: ALLPLAN
As every precast element requires specific fixtures, the updated tools in Allplan 2024 simplify the administrative aspects and introduce improved options for relocating fixtures and changing handles. Copyright: ALLPLAN
The powerful SDS2 steel connection in Allplan 2024 enables more efficient modeling of standardized steel connections, incorporating checks to ensure fabricability and erectability from the early stages of the design phase. Copyright: ALLPLAN

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