From ports and dams to roads, and tunnels, accurate design and detailing for civil engineering and infrastructure projects requires Allplan. Explore our client references to see how Allplan makes it possible to deliver great civil engineering and infrastructure projects and increase efficiencies in design to build workflows.


Civil Engineering Case Studies


Altona Tunnel, Germany

Not a bridge, but a tunnel: HOCHTIEF Engineering innovatively employs parametric modeling in Allplan Bridge for the design of a tunnel section of the Altona Cover project.

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Havelland Highway, Germany

A small piece of construction history is currently being written on highway 24 in Germany: In a model project, planning, execution and maintenance are being carried out with BIM from a single source for the first time.

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Versamertobel Bridge, Switzerland

The structure of the Versamertobel Bridge in Switzerland was of considerable historic value, but no longer up to the demands of current times. Find out how Allplan helped in this challenging project.

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Helgolandkai, Wilhelmhafen, Germany

In Wilhelmshaven, Germany, a 130-year-old quay is making engineering history once again as a BIM pilot. See how solutions from ALLPLAN supported this project.

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Aare Bridge, Switzerland

Engineers from ACS-Partner AG used Allplan for the Aare Bridge to guarantee the correctness of the geometry for formwork, reinforcement, and pre-tensioning and to construct all components neatly. 

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Cetin Dam, Turkey

Europe’s largest RCC dam was a unique challenge for the engineers at Su-Yapı, with no room for error. Learn how they delivered this landmark project.

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