13 Sep 2023

ALLPLAN receives Certificate for Sustainable Handling of Company IT

Refurbishment of notebooks at AfB, Photo: Patric Dressel for BITO

Munich - Green IT is on the rise at ALLPLAN, the global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry: Through a partnership with the German AfB social & green IT, 351 discarded company laptops, PCs and smartphones were given a second life last year. AfB refurbished, wiped and resold this hardware in an environmentally friendly manner. This extended the useful life of these devices from four to many years, which is not only ecologically sound but also promotes social inclusion. The results of these efforts have now been presented to ALLPLAN in a certificate.

AfB is a recognized green IT company. "Partnership-based, reliable, sustainable - the cooperation with ALLPLAN proves how the circular economy can succeed in the IT industry," says AfB Managing Director Daniel Büchle. Since 2022, AfB has been carrying out pickups at ALLPLAN, deleting data storage devices with certified software, checking devices and refueling them with the latest operating system. The hardware, which is as good as new, is sold to private individuals, associations, small and medium-sized enterprises or agreed donations to schools.

"The cooperation with AfB not only enables us to use high-quality services, but also to create added value for society," emphasizes Wolfgang Tomischek, Vice President Global IT at ALLPLAN.

351 decommissioned IT devices protect the environment

Thanks to a life cycle assessment study by the climate protection organization myclimate from 2021, AfB can measure the concrete values saved: Of the 351 IT devices handed over to AfB last year, more than 40 % could be re-marketed. In the case of notebooks, the reuse rate was as high as 87 %. In concrete terms, 77,039 kilowatt hours of energy, 143,468 liters of water and 19,575 kilos of CO2 equivalents were saved. Hardware that is defective is used as a spare part or recycled for raw material recovery.

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