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Allplan 2024: More productive, collaborative and advanced workflows

The new Allplan 2024 version accelerates productivity to an all-new level. Never before have you been able to complete tasks so quickly using powerful and automated design tools, integrated cloud-based processes, and advanced BIM workflows. Giving you the freedom to invest in designing great architecture, engineering effective transportation infrastructure, and constructing a better built environment.

Get a sneak preview on the forthcoming Allplan 2024 version with this video from ALLPLAN’s SVP Product and Strategy, Eduardo Lazarrotto. Learn about some of the main benefits that the new version will deliver and discover just some of the new features planned. Watch out for further information on a regular basis until the official market launch in October. Stay tuned!

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July 2023

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is achieved through quick and easy access to content, faster modeling of steel connections and time-saving tools for groundwork planning. more

Aug. 2023

Smooth Collaboration

Smoother collaboration is supported by enhanced BIM workflows for Infrastructure, convenient documentation transfer and fast, accurate onsite communication. More

Sep. 2023

Superior Design Quality

Superior design quality is achieved by improvements for reliable quantity takeoff creation, reduction of errors through clash detection in Allplan and optimized planning consistency. More

Oct. 2023

Allplan 2024 Launch Event

Join our virtual launch event and find out in all the beautiful detail how Allplan 2024 significantly accelerates your daily Design to Build workflows. Register here

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  • Aug. 2023
  • Sep. 2023
  • Oct. 2023

Substantially increase your AEC productivity 

The upcoming Allplan version 2024 will support you through a range of exciting new tools that are going to increase your productivity. Just some features here include:

  • For Building Design: Content Connector – Automated & customizable content saves up to 80 % of the time spent on content-related tasks. New automated steel connections – faster structural design & detailing through automated modeling
  • For Infrastructure: New parametric intersections – faster and intuitive modeling of complex requirements in road construction. Parametric Terrain referencing – With terrain visualization directly in Allplan Bridge, the design process is now significantly more streamlined
  • For Construction: Groundwork planning tools – supporting rapid modeling and changes as well as precise geometry and quantities

Collaborate smoothly with your project partners

Allplan 2024 will provide you innovative new functionality for smoother collaboration across your building and infrastructure projects.

  • For Infrastructure Design: BIM for Roads (IFC 4.3 enhancements) – supports enhanced bim workflows for infrastructure projects
  • For Bridge Design: Import of superelevation data – all relevant superelevation data from planning partner imported in one step 
  • For Construction: BIM2FIELD – mobile Tools – collaborative approach for fast and accurate site-based communication
  • For all sectors: New Allplan Exchange – completely reworked platform for convenient documentation transfer

Benefit from superior design quality

The forthcoming Allplan version will include BIM workflows that enable you to complete your projects with superior design quality.

  • For Building Design: Improved Architectural Legends – for consistent representation and reliable quantity takeoff. 3D Modifications & 3D Clash Detection – reliably reduce errors through clash detection directly in Allplan
  • For Bridge Design: Parametric Reinforcement Set – Any changes introduced to the model will be reflected in the reinforcement for consistency
  • For Construction: Fixtures for Precast Components – More intuitive handling of fixtures for increased design quality

Stay tuned! There are more fantastic features coming your way...