25 Apr 2024

ALLPLAN Presents Update of Allplan 2024 for Design to Build Workflows

Allplan 2024-1 features seamless integration with One Click LCA, that helps users assess the carbon footprint of buildings, evaluate materials and construction methods, and optimize BIM models for sustainability. Copyright: ALLPLAN

Allplan 2024-1 introduces enhanced tools and cloud-based solutions for sustainable design and accelerated project delivery

Munich – ALLPLAN, provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, has announced the latest update of Allplan 2024 which further accelerates productivity and innovates design-to-build workflows. The Allplan 2024-1 service release delivers extended tools to plan and execute construction more efficiently. New cloud-based processes and enhanced BIM functions support more sustainable design and accelerated project delivery.

"Allplan 2024 has truly revolutionized our workflow", says Riccardo Fontana, CEO of the Italian engineering office Inoving Studio Associato. "The productivity benefits are evident from the moment we started using it. Tasks that used to take hours now can be completed much faster, allowing us to meet tight deadlines with ease. The software seamlessly integrates into our design to build workflow, empowering us to deliver projects more efficiently, safely, and in an eco-conscious manner", Riccardo continues.

Eduardo Lazzarotto, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at ALLPLAN adds: "Our latest Allplan 2024-1 service release marks a significant leap forward in construction efficiency. With expanded tools, cloud-based processes, and enhanced BIM functions, we're empowering users to plan and execute projects with unparalleled efficiency. This isn't just about faster delivery - it's also about enabling sustainability and raising quality. By streamlining workflows and accelerating project timelines, we're enabling our users to invest more time and energy in what truly matters: designing outstanding architecture, engineering robust transportation infrastructure, and constructing a better, more sustainable built environment."


Improved BIM workflows for architects and engineers

Allplan 2024-1 now features seamless integration with One Click LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), enabling quick and easy analysis. This tool helps users assess the carbon footprint of buildings, evaluate materials and construction methods, and optimize BIM models for sustainability. With automatic transfer of BIM attributes to the LCA cloud, users can generate reports effortlessly. Plus, any model changes automatically update previous LCA adjustments, eliminating the need for remapping.

The creation of provision for voids can be a time-consuming process, especially for larger and more complex projects. To perform this task more quickly and smoothly the performance of this functionality has been optimized for version 2024-1, resulting in substantial time savings. What used to take minutes can now be achieved in seconds. In addition, the optimization of attribute mapping and the application of imported cylindrical geometries from IFC files for void creation have been further enhanced to make designers 'day-today work even more efficient.

Compliance with current country-specific standards is essential for the work of structural engineers and detailers. For this reason, the Shape Code Manager was integrated into Allplan 2024-1 to support customer-specific reinforcement shapes based on the new British Standard BS 8666 2020. This makes daily work noticeably easier, not only in the UK, but also in many other countries that use the British Standard or customer-specific reinforcement shapes.


Smoother collaboration through cloud-based processes

Cloud-based processes support efficient design to build workflows and underpin collaboration. Advanced combination of 2D plans and 3D models through the Overlay Manager enables easy interaction and interrogation to clarify uncertainties, identify discrepancies, and conveniently raise issues. Users can now visualize multiple drawings together with models, markups can be made and saved in issues and slideshows, conveniently extending federated models with 2D plans. Timesaving IFC file previewing through the new Allplan Cloud Viewer enables users to rapidly view and check visually before fully uploading and creating a revision. Allplan 2024 can also be seamlessly integrated with the BIMcollab issue management tool, with improved information content for issues, enhancing collaboration, reducing errors, and accelerating checking processes.


Extended tools for construction planning

Built-in construction planning tools now include a Technical Preview introducing sheet pile walls for excavation shoring, expanding options for precise planning in construction projects. These profiles, available in single, double, and triple forms, along with corner profiles, enhance flexibility and support varied terrain conditions. Parametric components are utilized for positioning easy adjustments. This addition complements existing retention elements like bored pile walls and soldier pile walls, along with ground anchors, offering comprehensive solutions for groundworks.

The BIM2 form Add-on for Allplan 2024 now incorporates Peri TRIO, expanding options for cost-effective formwork planning. Traditionally, companies either handle formwork planning manually or rely on external providers, incurring significant costs and project control challenges. With this tool, automated assignment of formwork wall components, including Peri TRIO, is facilitated, alongside existing options like MEVA Mammut 350 and MEVA MAMMUT XT. Allplan users can now efficiently plan with various formwork systems, reducing outsourcing expenses significantly.



Allplan 2024-1 is available via the Auto Update function in Allplan or on Allplan Connect. Allplan Cloud services including Bimplus Pro is included with Allplan Subscriptions.

For more information, visit: Features Allplan 2024

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